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In Australia, high-waisted flares with a bohemian vibe were the most fashionable styles in the 1970s. Here are six different ways to rock them. Boho Flare pants, one of the most popular fashion patterns throughout history, have returned due to the renaissance. With celebrities like Olivia Newton-John and Farrah Fawcett sporting bell sleeves and boots, it was one of the most stylish periods in Australia and the rest of the globe. This decade, boho flare pants and groovy trousers have made a resurgence thanks to their distinctive shape, long-length effect, comfortable design that anybody can wear with any body type, and loose flares. It’s simple to switch up the appearance to create a bohemian, elegant, or business casual look with a few simple accessory changes.

Classic flare pants paired with T-shirts are the best option.

Incorporating the timeless style of boho flare pants with the even more timeless design of a t-shirt creates an elegant and comfortable outfit. One of the most flattering styles is to slip a fresh white t-shirt beneath a pair of flared jeans and secure the appearance with a leather waistband. Sunglasses, jewellery, a tote bag, shoes, and other accessories round off this ensemble nicely.

Wear it with a top and heels to complete the look.

One may create a relaxed, easygoing mood by pairing a careless shirt with flared slacks and a statement belt that draws attention to their figure. This outfit should be worn with a pair of gorgeous shoes to boost the leg-lengthening impact and create a sophisticated sensation. Those who want to include a touch of authenticity from the 1970s into their style may do so by pairing block-heeled boots with pointed pumps and accessorising with the appropriate accessories to get the right business or party look.

Tank tops and spaghetti tops are two of the most popular styles.

When worn with flared slacks, a basic tank top or a decorative spaghetti top creates a casual yet stylish style that is both comfortable and fashionable. They look great paired with scarves or a long flowing vest with stacked chain necklaces. On cooler days, a denim jacket may be slung over the shoulders. They may wear them on dates with a trendy colourful spaghetti top to make a statement. They may accessorise the appearance with dangling earrings, a nice purse, and stylish shoes to complete the ensemble.

Tops with belts and peplums

When worn with these pants, peplum shirts or tops with a waist belt serve to enhance a woman’s natural curves even more. The look gives rigidity to the flowing bottom half of the body, which contrasts with the sleek and streamlined appearance of the upper half. Alternatively, for a more informal approach, one might tuck their t-shirt inside their jeans to channel the spirit of the 1970s.

Shirts made of denim with denim flares

The idea of wearing denim

Top denim may seem to be a reach for some. It looks fantastic when done correctly. Wearing printed flare patterns with denim or chambray blouses and accessorising with simple chains and a purse is fun to play around with style and become creative. They may then go to flared jeans, trousers and denim jackets, or flannel t-shirts in similar colours of blue and denim jackets. To complete the outfit, they may accessorise with a lovely silk scarf tied in a loose knot and worn on top of the jacket to complete the look.

Pants with Stripes 

Stripes are timeless patterns since they can be paired with anything and instantly modify the overall appearance. Wearing Boho Flare pants with stripes and tucking a tee with soft stripes into flared trousers might help one achieve a relaxed Australian vibe in their daily casual wear. It is beneficial to wear a well-fitted striped t-shirt to accentuate the body shape and make the wearer seem taller. One may quickly go from a formal setting to casual using the appropriate accessories, such as purses, chains, and sunglasses.

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Last modified: November 23, 2021

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