Unique New Year Gifts That You Can Give To Your Loved Ones

New year blesses each one of us with new beginnings, new hopes and new ways to lead a happy life. New year is one of the times when we choose to express our heartfelt gratitude to our dear ones with some beautiful yet thoughtful gifts. Some of us might have a hard time figuring what would make a great new year gift for our dear ones, this blog is for all those people. For each of these gifts, you will find some reputed gift stores which will offer you some new year gifts online as well as offline. Take some cues and start your shopping, folks as the new year is not that far you know. 

  1. Cakes – Without cakes, no celebration has ever been marked complete. Hence, it goes even without emphasizing what kind of impact will be gifting an appealing yet appetising new year cake have on your loved one. You can opt for a designer cake, photo cakes, poster cake, buttercream cake, pinata cake and other such drool-worthy cakes in the recipient’s favourite flavours. 
  2. Flowers – What words cannot convey flowers make it even more beautiful. So, no one can ever go wrong with choosing to gift some beautiful new year flower bouquets, floral boxes or flower baskets on New year. You can gift carnations, roses, orchids or some mixed flowers to express your heartfelt new year wishes to your loved ones. 
  3. Plants – Let your thoughtfulness and care speak in front of your loved ones as you are about to ring into the new year. As plants have been blessed with some innate blissful properties and lives longer, if cared for properly, it makes so much sense to gift plants in the new year to express your best wishes to our loved ones. You can choose to gift a lucky bamboo, jade, spider, snake, money or other such green tokens of gratitude, this new year. Additionally, you can choose to get the plant pot personalised to add a dash of personal memory to your new year gifting.
  4. Sweets – May this year on a sweet note with this beautiful thought in your mind, gift your loved ones a box full of desi sweets. Who doesn’t love to gulp some mithai/sweets amidst any kind of celebration? Everyone does. This is why, you can gift rasgulla, gulab jamun, kaju katli, laddoos and more to mark your new year gifting on a sweet memorable note. 
  5. Chocolates – No one can ever deny falling in love with some handmade chocolates. It’s one of the easiest ways to make your way into everyone’s heart. You can choose to gift a chocolate bouquet filled with all the popular chocolate bars or can gift a box full of handmade chocolates, this new year to surprise your loved ones. You can even get some personalised chocolates to convey a short, sweet message/wish for the New Year. 
  6. Grooming Kit – If you wish to gift something practical yet thoughtful, then you can self customise a grooming kit/hamper for your loved ones. You can even purchase an already customised grooming kit, made available at markets. Gifting a grooming hamper will be very much appreciated by your loved ones as everyone loves to look their very best when it’s about to kick start a new year. 
  7. Scented Candle Set – Let there be love, light and happiness as you gift a scented candle set to your dear ones, this new year. Gift an assortment of scented candles to spread good, spiritual calm vibes, this new year. You can gift rose, lavender, sandalwood and other such popular scented candles. 
  8. Personalised gifts –  Everyone loves to gift something trending yet personal when it’s a joyous occasion like that of New Year. There are many love crafted personalised gift options made available in the market that you can surely choose to pass it on to your loved ones on New Year. You can gift personalised cakes, personalised plants, personalised photo frames, personalised night lamps and other such cool options. You can choose to get any of your favourite memory printed on any of these gifts.

So, these were the top new year gifts of 2021 that are sure to help you win your loved one’s hearts to the core.

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