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There are several kinds of carpet cleaning typically used in both professional and do-it-yourself cleaning today. You may be familiar with and may have used some of them when you’re cleaning your home or office carpets as well. However, most homeowners don’t know the types or methods that are most suitable for their carpet type. Take note that the most effective carpet cleaning is based on the kind of carpet material you have. 

Some carpets don’t need much heavy cleaning. Light and cheap rug cleaning will already do the trick. But this approach isn’t always advised. One of the best types of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning, as it can get rid of about 90% of the dirt and bacteria from the carpet. Another effective way of cleaning your carpet is dry cleaning. It’s both practical and efficient as it allows your carpet to be foot traffic ready in no time. There are more carpet cleaning types according to the technomono guide you need to know. Check out the rest of the types of carpet cleaning for you. 

Dry Powder Cleaning

This type is also called the host system. It’s a technique that uses a combination of soft and natural cleaning products with a little amount of water, detergent, and safe solvent. This mixture is then sprinkled on the carpet, and these clumps will act as micro-sponged that would disintegrate the dirt. You can then vacuum the clumps and you’d be left with a much cleaner carpet. The downside to this is that it only cleans the carpet on the surface level and the upside is the efficiency. 

Hot Water Extraction

High temperature water and cleaning agents are mixed together in hot water extraction. It’s then put into the carpet at high pressure to loosen the stains, dirt, and soils from the carpet’s fiber. This type of cleaning uses a machine with two tanks and is usually done by professional cleaners. The powerful vacuum extracts the dirty water and the other debris from the carpet. How water extraction is a deep-cleaning method that’s both effective for commercial and domestic properties. 

Professional Steam Cleaning

With professional steam cleaning, the steam is released at high pressure and temperature to remove the bacteria, dust, and bad odor from your carpet. It’s considered a deep cleaning method to improve the appearance and extend your carpet’s durability to extend the durability of your carpet. 

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry cleaning is one of the latest trends when it comes to carpet cleaning. It’s becoming a popular choice for homes and businesses because it’s effective and convenient. The best thing about dry carpet cleaning is its use of a cleaning compound that reaches into the deepest parts of your carpet’s fiber. It uses a motorized counter rotating brush machine to open up the carpet fiber to allow the cleaning mixture into the carpet and let it do the work. There are several types of equipment used in dry carpet cleaning. Most agencies set themselves from others by creating their cleaning compound and powder formula for their carpet cleaning process. 

The Best Cleaning Method for you

There’s no best cleaning method that is suitable for all kinds of carpets. There are specific types that work best for certain types of carpet fibers. Before picking the type of carpet cleaning to use, you need to know the basic makeup of your carpet, such as the fiber type, to know the most effective cleaning approach to use. 

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of some of the types mentioned above. 

Hot water extraction 

This cleaning type is most effective for homes where family members are highly sensitive to detergent and shampoos. The steam can kill the allergens, bacteria, dust, mildew, and other allergy triggers in the carpet. The downside to hot water extraction is that it takes time to get rid of all the water and dry out the carpet to use. 

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is good for home and office carpets. It’s one of the fastest ways to clean your carpet and dry them out. You can use the carpet after a few hours of cleaning but the downside is that it’s not good for people with allergies. 

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