Top Six Benefits Of Commercial Recycling For A Business

If you are a medium-large business, the chances are you are generating a large amount of commercial waste on the premises. Whether that be paper, cardboard, plastic, or hazardous waste, it can all be recycled. 

People can often find the waste management side of the business overwhelming, and may find themselves chucking rubbish into the wrong waste bins to get the job over with. If you stop and think for a moment about just how much commercial waste is generated each day across the world, and ending up in landfill, the volume is monumental. 

By starting a recycling program for all of the commercial waste you generate, you can welcome in a whole world of benefits that come with building a greener business.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top six benefits for why commercial waste recycling is so important for your business, and the impact incorrect disposal is having on the planet.

1. Helping To Build A Sustainable Future

When recycling commercial waste, you can ensure that the items are then repurposed and reintroduced back into the market. This is essential to limiting the number of raw materials being used in production and saving energy in the process. 

Whilst you are decreasing pollution that would have been used in the creation of the materials, your business is also limiting the amount of waste piling up in landfill. Here, toxic chemicals such as methane gas and carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming and speeding up climate change. 

The planet is experiencing rapid changes due to the greenhouse effect, but humans can also be impacted directly from the toxins. These emissions from landfill have been said to cause nausea, dizziness, headaches, and vomiting from inhalation exposure. The toxins have also been thought to increase the chances of various diseases amongst humans and serious health risks.

Through having help from a commercial recycling company, your business can reduce your carbon footprint and help build a greener future for tomorrow. This can then create a knock-on effect for others in your industry, and hopefully start increasing recycling rates on a much larger scale. 

2. Boosting Your Green Credentials

Whilst the number one benefit is the impact you are having on the environment, improving your businesses environmental credentials is key to unlocking more clients. With the world waking up to the effects our lifestyle is having on the planet, people want to work with someone who cares about how they are making an impact on the world.

Having a recycling program in place shows initiative from your organisation, that individuals will admire your business for. A recent survey from Forbes showed that 88% of consumers want brands to help them be more environmental and ethical. If clients are paying into a business which doesn’t act in an environmentally conscious manner, you may find your customer base will want to start spending their money elsewhere. 

Your reputation is essential to finding new clients, and positive word of mouth from a recycling scheme will add huge value to your business. The chances of press coverage also increase when engaging with a current issue and trend such as sustainability. This type of promotion allows you to be placed in front of audiences that may have never found you otherwise.

3. Protecting Wildlife & Nature

The term commercial waste can hold an umbrella of materials. Most of which, if not recycled, can end up seeping toxins into our soils or floating in the ocean for as long as centuries. Studies have shown in 2021 that there are a huge 5.25 trillion macro and micro pieces of plastic in our oceans. 

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Discarded waste is killing 100 million marine animals each year, whilst polluting coastal environments and disturbing invaluable ecosystems. Not only can commercial waste disposed of improperly damage wildlife, but also our human health when left to decompose in the ocean and waterways. 

This is through the waste being digested by marine life, and then entering our food chains through humans eating animals such as fish. The tiny micro plastics within our food are then digested by us, along with the toxins contained.

4. Reducing Costs For Your Business

When partnering with a commercial waste recycling company, you can save yourself time and money filling up multiple bins, paying pricey landfill fees and juggling the disposal process yourself. 

Having your materials recycled by a waste management company will ensure you have scheduled cost-effective collections in order, meaning the materials can then be prepared and stored appropriately to limit transportation trips. 

When having your waste materials collected, it can be handy for your business to purchase baling machines. These are used to compact your recyclable waste for ease of storage and speedy collections, meaning you can get on with the areas of your business that matter most to you. 

Not only will the costs be reduced through your waste disposal spending, but you will also be able to put money into other important areas of the business through the savings. Whilst landfill prices are going up and up and constantly changing, using a recycling business is seen to be much more steady and lower in costs. 

5. Boost Your Team’s Morale

Studies have also shown that having a green strategy in place can improve employee engagement and morale by 20%! This comes hand in hand with growing a successful business through a profitable team. Having a green culture built in the workplace can even attract a wider set of people to your business, meaning hiring processes will become easier when looking to grow the organisation.

Through setting out sustainable principles within the business, employees have been known to become more engaged with the work undertaken. They feel as though they are part of something bigger, which drives their work ethic and loyalty to the business. 

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When starting new schemes such as a recycling program, employees’ goals are aligned, and it can cause excitement to be helping a wider issue beyond the direct business. Having these goals set, such as recycling targets, has been proven to increase motivation and the performance of employees.

6. A New Revenue Stream For Your Business

If you are a business creating huge amounts of recyclable waste, you will often be able to generate revenue for your scrap materials. This is through the offerings of rebates for your waste, paid from recycling companies collecting the items. 

Many recycling businesses are looking for used waste to repurpose into new products, and will offer you competitive prices for what you may see as rubbish! This can then become a new profitable stream to add to your business plan, which many organisations are currently unaware of. 

Importance Of Recycling Commercial Waste In 2021

Having a strong recycling plan in place for your organisation in 2021 is key to growing your business, whilst creating a greener planet for the future. If your organisation is lacking a sustainable ethos, you may be missing out on a huge space for your business to flourish in the market. 

With the importance of recycling making a firm stance with some of the biggest brands today, keeping up with them will allow you to unlock all the incredible benefits of commercial recycling for your business. Whilst starting a scheme will help to push your competitors to start recycling their own commercial waste, you will also become a leader in your industry through presenting sustainable principles that may be limited in the sector. 

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