Top Secret Benefits Of Mistletoe Tea That You Should Know

Let’s have a cup of mistletoe tea and talk about happy things!

Mistletoe, the plant to kiss on Christmas and to relish the love and good luck, is more than just about its spirituality. In other words, it is also a powerful medicinal herb that knocks several health problems on the head. This being the reason, Mistletoe tea is one of the most loved drinks on cozy holidays. Though it is recommended not more than 10 grams per day, the precise dosage of it, whether hot or iced cold, can be the reason for refreshment. 

Thus, for every tea enthusiast who likes to explore varying assortments of tea, here is everything you need to specifically know about mistletoe. Jump in to have a grasp!

1. Reduce Anxiety, Stress, And Insomnia

Mistletoe is a phenomenal therapy to strengthen the nervous system. By lowering the stress hormone cortisol, it helps to reduce depression, anxiety, and fatigue. In addition, it is also a remedy for better and relaxing sleep. Surprisingly, this has been a matter since traditional times.

What’s more fantastic is that it is available in plentiful fruity or citrus flavors, and you can enjoy mistletoe tea taste as per your preference. It is suggested to consume 1-2 cups a day to treat hypertension or related symptoms for the best of your life.

2. Lower Blood Pressure And Improve Heart Health

Mistletoe is a great solution to lower blood pressure as it cuts down the impact of hypertension or stress on the body. Its ability to prevent the scope of shrinkage of arteries and to cut down atherosclerosis impact head towards improvement in cardiovascular health. In this way, you can prevent situations of heart attack, strokes, and coronary heart diseases. Japanese and European mistletoe are seamless to enjoy this benefit.

3. Boost Immunity

Good immunity is what people wish for, especially in times of Coronavirus pandemic. Being the immune stimulant, Mistletoe can be the impeccable solution to turn this into reality. Its impact as an antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral help to prevent the influence of flue and illness, thus making one as fit as a fiddle.

Make sure to buy the best quality tea to ensure overall wellness. You can shortlist the finest varieties by searching ‘where to buy Mistletoe tea’ and cherry-picking the most suitable according to product description. 

4. Helps In Cancer Care

Mistletoe is one of the rare natural products that help in the effective care of cancer patients. Other than boosting immunity which is surely a way to fight cancer, it kills existing cancer cells and stops cancer cell proliferation. Additionally, science has also proved that mistletoe reduces the size of tumors and improves blood count, thus making cancer victims feel less depressed, painful, and tired.

5. Strengthen Respiratory Health

Most people who enjoy the citrus and fruity mistletoe tea taste are unaware that it also helps in improving respiratory health. It comprises nerve-soothing properties and treats coughs, sore throats, and bronchial inflammation. Besides, you can also devour it to get rid of irritation and discomfort during cold.

In A Nutshell

The aforesaid advantages prove that Mistletoe tea is no less than a magical product that is made by all-natural means. In other words, one would surely like to have it in a day to enjoy its health benefits from tip to toe.

However, the fact that the excess quantity of mistletoe can result in certain side effects entails you to consume only ten gms per day, that is 1-2 cups. Thus, be sure about the precise dosage of mistletoe tea to get a clean bill of health. 

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