Top reasons to Consult with a Urologist for Overactive Bladder


When an individual loses control over the bladder and suffers from unpredictable and involuntary loss of urine, that state is called incontinence. It generally occurs when the person has an overactive bladder. It leads to frequent and sudden urges to urinate. It evokes discomfort and becomes troublesome to handle the symptoms. Generally, the patients become unable to go out for long hours and thus are forced to limit their outdoor social activities.

However, the patient can overcome this situation by consulting a Urologist who can cure incontinence. If you are suffering from a similar condition and looking for a Florida based, you can quickly Consult with Dr. Angelo Gousse, a Urologist for Overactive Bladder in Florida and find a remedy.

Causes of Overactive Bladder

An overactive bladder generally develops with aging. However, it occurs due to other severe health issues like enlargement of the prostate gland in men, strokes, diabetes, bladder stones, tumors, or neurological problems. Mostly in men, it occurs due to an increase in the size of the prostate gland. Occasionally, it is also caused by severe threats to health like bladder cancer or the disruption of nerves caused by Parkinson’s disease. In the case of women, after pregnancy and childbirth, they lose their pelvic muscle strength and so lose their control over the bladder. Other causes include trauma or sexual assault that affects the pelvic muscles. After menopause, women often suffer from this condition. In the case of children, the problem is limited to the early years, and as they grow, they gain bladder control. The children who fail to attain this control require medical intervention.

Symptoms of Overactive Bladder

Incontinence may occur due to several reasons like controlling urine for long hours, coughing, or laughing. However, in the case of an overactive bladder, the symptoms are more prominent. The symptoms vary from person to person, but the primary symptom is the inability to resist or control the need for urination. It also shows signs of frequent leakage or involuntary loss of urine. People suffering from this condition wake up multiple times in the middle of the night to urinate. If the patient recognizes the symptoms and seeks medical guidance, the problem can be resolved through exercise and treatment. So it is advisable to Consult with a Urologist for Overactive Bladder in Florida.

Reasons for Consulting a Urologist

  • Receive an Accurate Diagnosis 

It is necessary to receive an accurate diagnosis to delve into the real reason causing incontinence. Occasionally the problem of an overactive bladder stems from other severe issues, and thus the sooner it gets diagnosed, the better it is for the patient to get cured faster. So if you Consult with a Urologist for Overactive Bladder in Florida, you can start medication and recover earlier.

The diagnosis leads to proper treatment. Doctors adopt several procedures to cure the condition. Doctors suggest muscle therapy to strengthen the pelvic muscles that help to evade the symptoms and urgency in urination. Medicines like trospium, mirabegron, and tolterodine are also prescribed. Other treatment methods include botox therapy or electrical stimulation for strengthening nerves. Sometimes doctors also suggest surgeries. Thus medical consultation opens several treatment options.

  • Attain Permanent Solution 

It is essential to Consult with a Urologist for Overactive Bladder in Florida to find a permanent solution instead of a temporary one. Temporary solutions often impact the mental health of the patients and jeopardize their sexual life.

  • Learn about Bigger Threats

Neglecting the symptoms might aggravate the issue. If the patient ignores or opts for temporary treatment hacks instead of thoroughly diagnosing the health condition, he might stay unaware of the threats of cancer that require immediate attention. Thus to evade any life-threatening danger, the patient should seek medical guidance at the earliest.

  • Benefit from a Proper Monitoring

The urologists prescribe medicines and therapies. They also suggest some lifestyle changes to better the situation of the patient suffering from an overactive bladder. Diet changes like reducing caffeine intake, doing exercises, managing weight, and strengthening the pelvic muscle are suggested lifestyle changes. Patients undergoing treatment stick to a healthy routine which reduces ta chances of any other health hazards, and the urologist can monitor the patient’s development.


An overactive bladder can evoke discomfort and challenges in the patient’s life, leading to isolation and depression, but he can control the situation if he undergoes treatment. Hence, it would be better for the patients to seek medical guidance if they observe incontinence symptoms.

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