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Haiti is an island country, and the ethnic groups have their unique culture and events. During their social events, they consume a typical celebration drink known as Kremas. This Haitian drink is trendy, and their holidays and festivals seem incomplete without it. It is a sweet beverage that has a creamy texture and consistency. The color of the drink may vary from beige to creamy white or off-white. Sweet dishes also accompany it. During celebrations, people raise a toast using Kremas. For instance, during Christmas, friends and family gather to celebrate the festivities, share this tasty drink. The best lend of variety of flavors and alcohol, make it the best choice during special occasions. You can Buy Haitian Kremas on Saveurs Lakay to get the authentic taste of the Haitian drink that can add a special touch to your parties.

Kremas are also known as Creamase. It is similar to a milkshake or eggnog, but its taste is much better. You can prepare it by adding any sweet flavor. Especially the condensed milk forms the base of this drink. Suppose you buy the best quality Haitian Kremas from Saveurs Lakay. In that case, you will observe the unique sweet taste in the Kremas, along with the thick consistency formed by the coconut cream that further enhances the sweet flavor. Finally, the Rum adds the magic of alcohol to make it the best accompaniment for a party. A pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg adds a riot of flavors to the Haitian Kremas. The amount of RumRum determines the color of the drink. However, to some people, the drink is too sweet because of the presence of these sweeteners. For balancing the sweetness, it is sometimes consumed chilled with ice cubes. The Kremas are also served along with sweet dishes like pastries and cakes during Christmas parties.

The Kremas from Saveurs Lakay captures the real essence of Haitian culture, and this drink from this local store is renowned for its superior quality and taste. You can grasp the beauty of their tradition by sipping this famous Haitian drink. The Saveurs Lakay is also known for its dedication to serving the customers with various flavors of Kremas. The store staff is professional in their approach, and they offer different types of Kremas like ginger favored Krema, coffee Kremas, etc. What sets Saveurs Lakay apart from its competitors is that it uses natural ingredients to prepare the drinks. It also ensures superior taste and is safe to consume. Furthermore, it is easily accessible, and you can place an order at Saveurs Lakay to get the flavor of this Haitian drink.

If you are ordering the drinks from Saveur Lakay, the brand’s unique qualities will ensure the best experience. Firstly, you need not worry about product delivery as they are packaging experts and safely deliver it to your doorsteps. The composition of the product also determines its taste and quality. The brand uses standard quality components to make this drink, reflecting its sweet taste. Agin the process of ordering the Kremas is easy and convenient because of the constant availability, and you can get in touch with them and clarify your doubts. Moreover, you can even track your order using USPS Tracking. The company uses USPS Priority Shipping to ensure fast delivery within three days.

The brand’s experience makes it aware of the buyer’s taste and requirements, and so it can ably cater to the needs of the customers. The company produces the drink which rich consistency and taste. These are available throughout the year, and you can order them at any time of the year. For ten years, Saveurs Lakay has been in this business, and it has goodwill in the market. The user-friendly website is informative and helps you in placing an order without any hassle. The purity and sound quality are determined by the ingredients used, like condensed milk, coconut cream, lemon, cinnamon, etc.


The term Saveurs Lakay means the ‘Flavors from home.’ It refers to the unique flavor of Haiti island, and the excellent taste can take you to the island and make it worth an experience. In addition, there are various discounts offered by the company that further makes it a favorite amongst the customers. Finally, you can learn how to make cremas via this Haiti Open Magazine Haitian Kremas recipe.

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