Top Five Most Beautiful Buildings in the Modern World

Everybody has a different idea of what makes a most beautiful building. We asked Benjamin Repperson, who usually writes about the norske online casinoer, for his thoughts. For us to consider a building as beautiful, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Enhance the natural beauty of its surroundings
  • Fulfill its intended function efficiently
  • Innovative design

Of all the modern buildings, the one that meets these conditions is the Twist museum in Norway. Let’s take a look at it before reviewing other buildings. 

Most Beautiful Museum: Twist Museum, Norway

The Twist spans the Randselva river, which runs through the Kistefos Sculpture Park in Jevnaker, Norway. The innovative structure fulfills three functions. It is a bridge connecting the two halves of the sculpture park, an art gallery, and a work of art. 

The Kistefos Museum commissioned the building, and the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) designed and completed it in 2019. The Leading Culture Destinations team also chose the museum for the best architecture award in 2020.

The Twist has roads that lead to the riverbank. It also creates a visually pleasing space on the inside. The museum hosts art exhibitions from international artists, and the park contains sculptures from renowned ones like Olafur Eliasson, Tony Cragg, and Anish Kapoor. 

Most Beautiful Casino: Sun City, South Africa

In the age of casinos online, we found  the modern, brick-and-mortar Sun City Casino in South Africa to be the most beautiful. Built inside the bowl of a dormant casino in the Pilanesberg mountains, the luxurious complex has a lost city theme. The resort is two and a half hour’s drive from the city of Johannesburg, but you can stay at the hotel or any of the nearby game lodges. 

The focus is on relaxation and entertainment, with a choice of two golf courses, three hotels, and even an artificial beach with six-foot waves. Of course, the casino is central to the theme of the resort. If you can’t travel to South Africa, you can always try online casino Norvegian. 

Most Beautiful Apartments: Markthal, Netherlands

The Markthal in Rotterdam, Netherlands, has a 40-meter arched roof and houses an indoor market with department stores in the first basement level. The 228 apartments built around the arch on the third floor each have a balcony with a view of the Laurens Church or the River Maas. 

Service and delivery access are underground to prevent inconvenience to the residents who have six entrances to the building. Aluminium panels containing a mural by artists Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam provide soundproofing for the market. Glazed glass encloses the arch ends to give the market an outdoor feel while protecting it from the weather. 

Most Beautiful House: The Summer House, Norway

It wasn’t easy to find the most beautiful house that fulfilled all our requirements until we found the Summer House on Storfjord. The owners built it on a forested cliff overlooking Storfjord in Møre og Romsdal county, blending into the area’s natural beauty. 

The house is on wooden pillars, with the main deck providing outdoor space between two pods at different levels. When it was built, the architects didn’t blast any rock or remove any trees. 

The home is minimalistic with clean lines, and the rock face forms the inside wall of the main room. Floor to ceiling windows take full advantage of natural light, and the interior has a modern design. 

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Most Beautiful Sporting Venue: Olympiastadion, Germany

The Olympiastadion in Munich was built for the 1972 Munich Olympics as part of an architectural competition. The stadium’s design was initially considered too daring. The competition’s reviewers eventually voted for the plan, and construction started in July 1969. 

The stadium’s design accommodates flexibility and sustainability. It also blends in with the surrounding landscape. Since the Olympics, the stadium has hosted both Munich’s Bundesliga teams and several other sporting events. 


Everybody’s idea of what the world’s most beautiful buildings should look like is different. Some prefer immense concrete structures, while other people value simplicity and clean lines. We looked at sustainable buildings that enhanced the natural surroundings while fulfilling their function.

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