Top Eight Free Technology Study Programs for Students

The recent pandemic has stunned the landscape of employment tremendously. It has forced the majority of the non-essential employees to work from home and made several of them jobless. However, this quarantine has also done a favor for a lot of people across the globe by providing an opportunity to build up their technical skills through online platforms.

If you are the one searching for methods to fill the gap in your technical skills and are curious to prepare your resume for post-pandemic hiring in a top-notch company, then you do not need to break the bank for improving and expanding your technical skills. In recent times, there are numerous universities and websites which provide everyone around the world with online certifications, training, and courses all free of cost so that you can brush up on your technical skills.

Below are some of the popular and beneficial technical study programs for the students which you can take up while working and enjoying quarantine at home.

1. Google IT Support Professional Certificate

Google developed this professional certification to prepare every student for an entry-level job role in Information Technology support. You can begin with customer service, troubleshooting methods, security, and system administration. The initial set of the sessions may discuss the fundamentals and terminologies for the establishment of robust footing in this sphere prior to moving onto different facets of support.

2. Python for Everybody

Everybody can be seen going gaga over the course of Python. These include the lessons based on Mastering Python in five online courses by the University of Michigan which was one of the favorites of the IT professionals in the year 2018 and now the trend seems to continue even in 2021. You can easily find some online Computer Science Assignment Help if you are struggling to learn the concepts like networked application program interfaces, data structures, and databases. This course is specifically useful for beginners having negligible or no basic experience in programming and the students can avail themselves of it from the University of Michigan.

3. Business Analytics

Analytics is the one key area wherein a lot of modern businesses look for investment. Business Analytics is majorly managed by digitization along with the capability to deep dive into the figures and numbers produced by any business exactly. You can easily get your Business Analytics Certificate through the online platform of Wharton School. Some of the training programs are segregated into the following courses:

  • People Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Accounting Analytics
  • Operations Analytics
  • Business Analytics Capstone

4. Excel to MySQL

If you are the one who easily gets captivated with data and would like to make effective and informed decisions by collecting insights from huge datasets, then the specialization of Excel to MySQL is something that is going to grasp your attention. All through the lessons, multiple powerful tools will be used along with the approaches like Tableau, Excel, and MySQL for analyzing data, creating forecasts and models, designing a visualization, and a lot more. The journey will end by operating on the final assignment providing you with the opportunity to discover and implement techniques that are covered in the sessions.

5. Data Science

This is the first professional certificate program in data science by HarvardX which will introduce the learners to the fundamentals of R programming. Learners can better retain R while learning how to solve any particular problem. The course will cover the functions of R’s as well as data types, then handle the operations on vectors and understanding when to utilize the unconventional functions such as sorting. As a learner you will be able to implement general programming features such as “for loop” and “if-else” commands and how to analyze, wrangle and visualize data. As a student of IT, you may have to attend to a lot of assignments, so if you are looking for IT Assignment Help, the course on data science by HarvardX will be the most suitable option for you to excel and brighten up your career.

6. Computer science: Programming with a purpose

In the last few decades, the base for education was “writing, reading, and arithmetic”, but now it has transformed to writing, reading, and computing. Program learning is considered as a significant part of education for the students not just studying science and engineering but also is useful for the students of social sciences, arts, and humanities. The course covers the initial half of the book Computer Science and the second half is enclosed in the Coursera Course Computer Science: Theory, Algorithms, and Machines. The key intent is to impart programming education to the one who needs to learn it within a scientific context.

7. Machine Learning

The course offers an introduction to the basic concepts of machine learning such as unsupervised learning, supervised learning, kernel, support vector machines, and neural networks. Take help from multiple case studies as well as applications, and then get your hands on to implement the theoretical concepts practically. With the progression in the class, you may feel confident to put your knowledge and skills to real-life situations. Out of five, 4.7 is the average rating for this course which makes it one of the most demanding and top certification courses.

8. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

Artificial intelligence has transformed the lives of people, how they work and play. Empowerment of novel technologies such as self-driven cars as well as recommendation systems or enhancing traditional ones such as search engines and medical diagnostics, the need for expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning can be seen improving rapidly. If you are willing to learn the concepts and working of Artificial intelligence with python, then this course will assist you in taking the initial step in the direction of solving real-world issues along with making your career bright and beautiful. You can learn how to use machine learning in Python within this introductory course based on AI by HarvardX.

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