Top Career Options In The Teaching Industry

Teachers shape the careers and lives of their students. They carry the potential to encourage their students to be hardworking and pursue their dreams. If you want to have a career in the teaching industry, there are plenty of options to choose from. These options can help you inspire both young adults and children in your community. 

Here, we highlight the high-paying and satisfying teaching jobs. 

  1. Instructional Coordinators

Instructional coordinators conduct concentrated research regarding means of instruction. They also implement and design curriculum and formulate instructional plans. As upper-level educational experts, they also offer to teach educators. In addition to their duties, they also select instructional materials, gauge the proficiency of academic programs, evaluate student performance, and develop improved means of education. 

When it comes to gain employment as an instructional coordinator, candidates must have a master’s of education degree. Moreover, they earn salaries of $42,070-$75,000 yearly.

When searching for the best-paid teaching jobs related to your area of interest, you may consider working as a professor in a university or college. 

A college professor teaches students, prepares course material, and grades student work. In some universities or colleges, a professor may also take on research work that leads to updated details or discoveries into a new study area. Other than that, professors may also broadcast their work in specialized books or journals. A professor requires at least a master’s degree to teach. However, many educational institutions may need professors to acquire a doctorate before applying for a full-time position.

Furthermore, a college professor salary for a university or college is around $78,470 annually. Keep in mind that the average income depends on the position and the state. 

Working as a middle school teacher means you are commencing specialized courses. Also, you are preparing your students for the trials they will face as they move to a higher level – high school. A middle school teacher requires a bachelor’s degree and a license in their country to start their career.

The average income of a middle school teacher is around $58,600 annually. You can expect to begin with a lower salary and improve your wage as you gain experience in the classroom. 

  • School and Career Counselor

School and career counselors help learners decide their path for long-term objectives. As a school counselor, you may prioritize assisting students in developing academic and social skills so that they can prosper. School counselors require a master’s degree in educational counseling and must have a state-issued permit to work with students. 

The median salary for a school counselor is around $56,310 annually. Moreover, you can expect your salary to increase as you gather experience, though you may have to begin with a salary that’s lower than average.

  • College/University Administrator

A college or university administrator focuses on the day-to-day running of the educational institute. These professionals’ responsibilities concentrate on tasks like appropriate discipline, public relations, and organizing events. The position is all about leading the school to ensure that it runs smoothly, even during crisis times. 

Furthermore, the administrator must have the expertise required to keep up with the institute’s work and management roles. No doubt, a university or college administrator is a high-paid place in education. The average salary for a university administrator is about $94,340. The income range may vary based on your experience level and state. Still, the starting salary of a college/university administrator is approximately $61,000 per year.


To succeed in a job within an academic/educational setting, you should have a genuine love of learning and teaching, and have the potential to work with youngsters. Education can be a very gratifying field. As these jobs demonstrate, the earning potential is also significant.

We hope these careers were enough to spark your interest in teaching even more. 

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