Top Career Moves for Freelancers and Digital Nomads

Freelancing is on the rise and make no mistake about it. Just a casual Google search will show you that everyone knows what the best approach to freelancing is — meaning that more and more people are getting attracted to the gig economy (and not by any means that they’re all experts).

Well, it’s no rocket science that some vocations are a given for remote work. Let’s take a brief look at some of the most popular choices for anyone (yes, really) and see how starting a freelancing career can help you start living a life of your dreams (or as close to as it’s possible in this hectic environment of ours).

Starting an Online Course

More and more people are turning to the internet to achieve new skills and (why not?) even degrees. That is to say that no matter your field of expertise, you can make a decent living simply by providing lessons to people eager to learn.

Note that this doesn’t apply only to experts with a PhD; even a hobbyist can brainstorm a master course for people interested in the niche.

Online Marketing and Sales

Online marketing is a booming trend and how can it not be? With every single business, large and small, turning to online advertising, it is only a matter of time when online marketers will become hugely in demand.

The good news here is — everyone can learn online marketing. With Google setting the rules of the game, the online marketing course industry has become rather lucrative. You can even take your pick and specialize in one funnel or another. From Google ads to Facebook ads to all kinds of email promotion and cross-referencing, online marketers can find a well-paid job literally everywhere.

One notable example of how the gig economy is changing all aspects of life is seen in the fact that people are increasingly buying life insurance at a younger age. With digital nomadism being all the rage these days, insurance companies have come up with a number of creative solutions. The thing is, someone has to advertise them!

Being a Remote Manager

Some traditional managers (especially older ones) may have a difficult time adjusting to remote project management and all the finesses of the role. There are many new things to learn, and the process takes some time.

From new employee app rollouts  to using the right email tools like Gmail workflows, there’s always room for improvement.

It’s important to underline here that continual learning is one of the most critical (if not, indeed, the very most critical!) skills freelancers should get accustomed to. Simply put, if you’re not ready to keep yourself informed about the new apps and tools, you won’t get very far.

After all, freelancers are increasing in numbers rapidly, with many people from developing countries seeing their opportunity to earn more via outsourcing. The competition is fierce and will become fiercer still in the post-COVID days. Keep learning!

Online Teaching

In a similar fashion to starting an online course, many teachers have begun to shift towards online lessons. The eLearning market is huge but still cannot cover the global demand. That means that there will be better opportunities in the future — you only need to start somewhere.

English language teachers, for instance, are greatly sought out in Southeast Asia. More local online schools are hiring than you’d care to know, and native language teachers can earn fairly good wages.

Pretty much every field has its target market. The future seems to be increasingly defined by eLearning and mLearning, and who knows which other trends will emerge in the near future.

Polish your skills and look up your target market! Online teaching platforms are as abundant as online language schools.

Customer Representatives and Technical Support Representatives

With almost all aspects of these businesses moving to the online arena, it is only to be expected that customer representatives and Technical Support Representatives will be in high demand.

By now you should be able to recognize the new trend — PhDs don’t matter much anymore. The world is moving to the era of digitized skills anyone can learn. Much as we are saddened by this fact, there is a good side to it: everyone can find an occupation and hopefully be well-paid.

Seriously, the only prerequisite for customer representatives is to be polite and somewhat literate. All other required knowledge will be provided by the employer, usually in the form of online courses and training sessions.

IT Professionals

The IT sector has been rather dominant for some 20 years, so much, in fact, that many people have decided to follow the flow and specialize in one IT field or another. Job opportunities are abundant for juniors and experts alike, and the trend will never reverse.

Skilled IT professionals are among the best paid freelancers and digital nomads. These people don’t need to be taught the importance of staying informed about the rapid developments. As a rule, they are resourceful lifelong learners who have always been and will always remain tech-savvy.

If you’re struggling with your life choices, you can never go wrong with IT.

SEO Specialists

Finally, SEO expertise has become rather invaluable these days. With all businesses striving to reinforce their online presence amidst the growing competition, SEO experts can make marvelous careers while traveling the world.

If you’re considering this line of occupation, however, be ready to devote considerable amounts of time to research. For one thing, Google is changing the rules of the game as it sees fit (as there is no real competitor – for now) and for another — new content will always be in demand. Not to mention that technical audits are time-consuming, and there is always something that needs immediate attention.


Well, that would be a rather brief overview of occupations and skills freelancers and digital nomads need. The background to the story is no less complex.

For one thing, if you’re planning to become a digital nomad, you’ll have to keep in mind a number of boring but necessary things, notably paperwork and taxes for digital nomads. The more you travel, the more legislation topics you’ll have to research, so make sure to stay well informed and to keep copies of all important documents with you.

With that being said, once you’ve obtained all necessary paperwork, visas, and an insurance policy, you can safely relocate anywhere in the world. Now isn’t that the adventure of a lifetime?

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