Top Car Rental Services of 2021

In a year where road trips are looking a lot more likely compared to international flights around the world, rental cars are offering great and safe travel experiences for you!

But deciding on a premium car rental service requires some due diligence upfront, as not all rental car services are created equal! When it comes to renting a car, you want to look for several consistent qualities to give you the confidence that you are making a well-rounded decision.

That is why we have collected the top qualities that the best car rental services of 2021 have so that you can keep an eye out when deciding who you are going to rent your car from.

1. Value for money

This one is key, and often a driving factor in many people’s decisions. In the case of a rental car, the cheapest is not always best! The best car rental service will give you a holistic price from the get-go without hidden fees that will make your credit card cry. Often, the cheaper the car seems upfront, the more expensive it will be after tallying all those hidden fees like mileage and gas. The best value for money is found with a balance of a new model car that is in great condition and the price accurately reflects that in one sum for you to consider. Don’t go cheap when it comes to value for money on rental cars.

2. Great customer service

The top car rental services all have great customer service, as it bodes well for brands this year to go the extra mile and be kind to their customers. Keep an eye out for how helpful the team is when asking questions and if they make you feel valued even before purchasing anything. Plus, some of the best services also offer reward programs for customers to give them an extra incentive to stay loyal.

3.  An easy customer journey

Renting a car should be fast and easy, and the top services are doing just that! If the process seems challenging from the get-go, they may not be the best service that you can choose from. You should either be able to rent the car of your liking with a simple click of a button or one phone call and the process should be able to be done in a matter of minutes, not hours!  The best car rental services make it easy for their customers to book with them and go the extra mile to ensure just that!

4. A quick collection

As easy as it should be to book, the collection of the rental car should be just as easy. The best car rental services are located in convenient locations that don’t require a journey in itself to get there. That means that many of the best are found at airports or offer a free shuttle service that will take you right to the rental car. If getting to the collection point seems like a mission in itself, then it is likely not the best service to choose from.

5. Quality insurance

There is always a risk with rental cars in terms of there always being a chance that an accident can happen to the car. The top rental services offer quality insurance that protects both the customer and the vehicle so that an unfortunate accident does not become an absolute disaster. As a customer, the rental car service should offer a range of insurance options for you to choose from.

The top rental car services of 2021 are the ones that put you—the customer—first. From an easy booking process to peace of mind options and convenience, these services will make renting a car fast and pain-free!

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