Top 5 Tips For Effective Safety And Health Training At Workplace

No doubt that we all want safety at our workplace. Wouldn’t it be good if the ‘normal’ safety drill could just get better? 

Yes, it’s possible with ‘Effective’ safety training. 

Perhaps, we can all vouch that safety training should be a thumb rule at the workplace, for several necessary reasons. However, things just get better when you execute it effectively and precisely. 

What is effective safety training and what does it mean?

Effective safety training focuses on Occupational Safety and Health Standards that are essential for keeping employees safe at the workplace. So, how can the safety training be made into effective safety training? Relax, we have you covered!

Here are five tips for helping you implement effective safety and health training at the workplace.

5 Tips For Effective Safety And Health Training At Workplace

Try And Locate The Hazards Of Your Workplace

Every workplace will have different hazards, depending on the type of operations it performs. Identifying the hazard can help you create proper safety programs to educate employees about proper protection and health standards. It is a crucial point for creating an effective safety training routine.

One of the most effective ways to locate the hazardous area in your workplace is to look into any previous accident records of your workplace. Other than that, you must also look into all the physical equipment which is used at your workplace. Once done with the identification, you have a spot to structure your program. 

Proper Controlling And Check On Work Hazards

To ensure workplace health and safety, you must work to neutralise and minimise the damages caused by the work hazards. You can do this in two ways: 

To eliminate all the hazardous elements from the workplace, this way you remove any possibility of accidents.

When you can’t discard the hazardous elements, try controlling the operations or limit them to a certain extent. The first step of the controlling process dictates that you should try to substitute or replace hazardous items. The goal should be to try to replace hazardous items with non-hazardous items. 

Now, if none of the above options is a solution for your organisation, try to develop creative engineering solutions around the hazards to ensure employee safety. Lastly, the workplace should encourage PPE use if there are known hazardous items present in the workplace.

Ensure That You Follow Government Regulations

Every country has different workplace standards that ensure the safety of the employees. Such safety measures work as the basic safety protocols that the government wants workplaces to align with. Following these rules can be essential for workplaces to stay out of legal troubles. Further, it also promotes a sense of safety and security in the employees.

You can enrol your employees for health and safety courses to make your employees aware and knowledgeable. You can create your own safety courses. But it is better to go for commercially available courses from different organisations for two reasons: 

  1. They are government-mandated, which ensures that the training they provide will be effective and best in class.  
  1. They provide step-by-step solutions that are easy to integrate into your workplace.

Focus On Active Training Of Your Employees

Active training focuses on creating an interactive training program instead of boring lecture-type training. This is necessary as safety precautions are very important for the well-being and lives of employees. 

Such training programs include: making the program interactive, using employee-led presentations instead of regular presentations, employees understanding the machinery they operate, among others. You can also include Q&A sessions post presentations with critiques and appreciations. This way, you help make the training more and more ingrained in the minds of the employees.

Perform A Safety Drill To Ensure Employees Safety

Training the employees to maintain workplace health and safety is not enough. You need to find out if the employees have learned it properly or not. The only way to find out if they have understood the training so far is to take a safety drill. It is good to be sure that all your employees know all the safety precaution measures. They should be able to perform all the measures without any hesitancy when out on the worksite. 

By performing a few safety drills, you can find out if somebody is having trouble following the routine. This way you can ensure that everybody learns what is there in the training program. Also, your employees will be completely prepared for facing such situations in case they occur sometime in the future.


These tips can help you create and adopt effective safety and health-related workplace training. The article mentioned will help you save money and create a valuable experience for your employees. It will help them be more aware of safety precautions and personal safety. 

If you are looking for an external organisation that can help you organise effective employee safety training courses. Make sure the service providers have CERT 4 workplace health and safety. Such benchmark standards can also be used to judge the quality of the service provider and the value they can provide with their service.

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