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We all are fully aware of the fact that the importance of PDF documents is on a constant rise in our professional lives. The reason behind this is that these documents are easy to handle and edit, and these give a premium quality reading experience to the users. Those who regularly come across the PDF versions are also fully aware of the term PDF metadata. To describe it in the simplest of words, metadata carries all the data and information about a specific PDF document. The data may include file name, author name, title, copyright details, and other such information.

In some situations, the users need to edit the PDF metadata to change the information attached with the files. Similarly, sometimes the users need to import the metadata information from a certain PDF file to another document. In addition to that, you can also save the metadata for any document type, and that will be ultimately checked on any software whether it sits well with the document or not.

Cutting things short, we are here to talk about different software services that can help you with the editing of the metadata for the PDF files. The good thing is that all the options that we are going to discuss are free of cost and can be used on most of the system types that are used in the world today. Have a look at the list of services available in this regard that are displayed in the lines below to finalize one multi-featured software for your tasks.


To be specific, Calibre software mainly deals in eBooks for different formats. A large number of eBooks are also available in PDF formats, so it is essential to list down this software in our list. You can use the software to edit the metadata of your PDF document. The users have multiple options to choose from that will help them with the efficient management of the files. For example, you can edit the metadata of a single file, or you can edit in bulk for a huge number of options. In addition to that, you can save the metadata for a single document, and that can be used for all of your documents. The whole process is quite easy, and there is no ambiguity in work. You just need to go to the software page and look out for the edit metadata button. It will open a portal for you that must include all the basic information. You can make changes as per your requirements. The added bonus is that it also allows you to generate PDF files automatically. You can easily convert any other document type in PDF format with just a couple of clicks.


Talking about the top 5 services to edit PDF metadata, the name of BeCyPDFMetaEdit will always be included in the list as it is a tailor-made option for such tasks. It helps you in making changes to the title, author name, producer, or creator details. In addition to that, it also helps the users in editing the keywords as per requirements. The software also comes with some additional services for the users. For example, you can even change the page layout or remove any bookmarks from the menu. All these features can be availed just by doing a couple of clicks on the computer software. The main benefit for the users is that the user interface is perfectly easy, and anyone can edit the PDF metadata without learning much about the software. can be called the king of the PDF industry as it is the most comprehensive option available on the internet as far as the different PDF-based tasks are concerned. It helps the users in handling the documents as per their needs. The same goes true for editing the PDF metadata, as it can be done easily with the help of the software. You just have to upload the desired file and follow it by clicking on the edit metadata button. The software will open the editing screen for you and will allow you to make changes as per your requirements. The good thing is that the software is compatible with a huge range of computer systems, and the users can make benefit from the services in the best possible manner.

Edit PDF Metadata

As the name suggests, this software service is solely developed for the specific task of editing the metadata information of different PDF documents. You can make changes to a number of things that are linked with the information of authors, file title, producer, creator of the documents. Similarly, you can or import the desired data as per your requirements, and one set of data can be used for all the documents. The interface is quite straightforward to understand, and the whole process can be completed in as little time as possible.

PDF Info

PDF info is another multi-featured software service that handles a lot of tasks related to PDF files. To be specific, it is a perfect option for editing the data and information of a document. For example, you can make changes to the name of the file, details of the author, and information about the source or creator. In addition to that, you can also edit the keywords as per your needs. All these features are available free of cost, and the services are second to none when it comes to the high quality and swiftness of the process.


It turns out that the internet is full of multiple options for editing the metadata of the PDF files. The five services that are discussed in the above lines are some of the best in business and can do the job for you in the shortest possible time with the help of the simplest of techniques. Give the passage a detailed read, and you will be able to decide instantly about which software will sit well with your requirements.

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