Top 5 Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

Are you a homeowner wondering about the best ways to maintain the plumbing system at your house? Knowing how to care for your plumbing is a great way to keep your house clean and efficiently. 

Instead of calling a plumber out to your home to perform an inspection, knowing how to perform routine maintenance will save you time and money. Read on to learn the top five plumbing tips for homeowners!

1. Locate Your Main Water Shutoff Valve

One of the ways you can avoid more catastrophic plumbing issues at your home is to know the location of your main water shutoff valve. Knowing where this is and how to use it can be the difference between a water leak and a flood.

For example, if a pipe bursts at your home, you can stop water from continuing to enter your home by shutting off the main water supply. These valves are typically near the entry point for water into your home. Other times it may be in your garage or a kitchen. 

Practice shutting it on and off so that you know how to operate it. You can also show the valve’s location to a friend or family member that watches over your house while you are out of town. This will help them react timely in the event that there is a leak while you are away. 

2. Annual Water Heater Checks

A water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home. Without one, you will be without hot water for showering and doing laundry.

Depending on your water source, your heating unit may accumulate a bit of sediment over time. This sediment can build-up at the bottom of the water heater and cause erosion to your system.

Perform a visual inspection of the water heater to see if there are any signs of rust. If you see rust, speak to a plumber about a potential replacement.

3. Don’t Overlook Washer Machine Hoses

Your washing machine keeps your clothes clean and is typically used at least a few times each week. It may be used even more depending on the number of people living in your house.

Each time you use your washer, there is water that goes into the machine through hoses. You should inspect these hoses at least a couple of times each year so that you can find any leaks in the system. 

4. Don’t Let a Sink Leak Continuously

A leaking sink is one of those plumbing issues that are common but often overlooked as a true need to repair. While a minor leak may seem like more of a nuisance at first, that can change when you get your water bill.

A faucet that leaks daily can cost you lots of extra money because the drip is consistent throughout the day. Instead of ignoring this issue, call a professional out to perform plumbing maintenance.

5. Talk to Your Kids about Do’s and Dont’s

If you’ve got young children living in your home, you should have a talk with them about what they should and shouldn’t flush down your toilet. Additionally, you speak to a kid about what not to put in the sink.

Giving your kids a brief rundown of what not to put in a toilet and why will help give you peace of mind that it’s more unlikely that they overflow a toilet later. 

Take Advantage of the Best Plumbing Tips 

The best plumbing tips are the ones that give you the ability to keep cash in your pocket while monitoring your systems. If you are wondering, ‘When to call a plumber?’ the answer is that it depends. 

If you find that your inspections discover a serious issue, don’t hesitate to find a reputable plumber in your area. Uncovering a problem and getting it resolved quickly will keep your family safe and your home dry!

Are you looking for other great ways to maintain your home? Check out our blog section for our furnace maintenance checklist!

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