Top 5 Can’t Miss Promotional Products

Want to get customers on your side and turn them into brand ambassadors? Shower them with gifts from Promotions Warehouse! Seriously, freebies have a much higher recall rate compared to other forms of advertising, which guarantees exposure and recognition for your brand. On that note, let’s look 5 key categories of items you’ll want to include in your next promo run.

Personal Protection 

Proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is of utmost importance as far as containing the threat of COVID-19 goes. And for what it’s worth, there are many other transmissible illnesses whose spread can be cut down by practicing healthy habits. What a better way to encourage this than to give out branded protective gear for free?

Branded face masks put your logo in the perfect place to catch eyes. Just make sure they fit comfortably; a 3D design combined with multi-layer composite construction might just win over the most mask-averse of individuals. 

How about a set of spray pens or hand sanitizer bottles to go along with that? Everyone needs to disinfect from time to time, so these items are guaranteed to generate lots of impressions too. And no doubt your prospects will appreciate the effort to look after their welfare. 

Branded Outerwear

Who wouldn’t mind a good t-shirt, sweater, cap, or jacket — especially if they can get it for free! Outerwear affords enough space for your logo and a couple of unique captions; just what you need to strike a memorable impression. And while branded apparel typically gets deployed during events, people will proudly wear it everywhere if you make it stylish enough. 

The average piece of clothing is estimated to generate 5,000+ impressions over its lifespan, and the investment on your side should hardly dent your budget. It’s just about the perfect way to spotlight your brand without breaking the bank. 

Tech Must-Haves

Gone are the days when only geeks carried gadgets around with them. We’re in the digital age, and technology will only find its way into more aspects of life with time. Your prospects will definitely love these tech giveaways: 

– Flash Drives: Ah, a thumb-sized gadget that can carry all your data? Who needs cloud storage? Flash drives are still the best way to bring data on the go — especially when there’s no reliable internet access. And because they’re dirt-cheap these days, you could practically gift them to everyone. Employees will be delighted being able to carry files and data conveniently when going to off-site events. Clients will be just as happy to show off their branded sticks. 

– Bluetooth Headphones: Successful promo products don’t just delight; they open up a new world of utility for the recipients. And that’s just what Bluetooth headphones promise to do. They offer everything from listening to music to isolating oneself from the surrounding chaos — your frequent-flying prospects will particularly be thankful. Not to forget how useful headphones have become in the workplace, with more and more meetings going virtual. 

– Power Banks: Urgh, the horror of having your phone run out of juice during an important call in the middle of nowhere! A power bank might just be the only way to stave off such nightmares. You’ll even find power banks that can top up two devices at the same time. Clients will be able to not only bail out friends in need, but also demonstrate how thoughtful your brand is in deed. 


2017 was the year when sales of bottled water beat soft drinks for the first time, setting a trend that’s been on an upward trajectory ever since. That might sound like substituting one evil for another from an ecological perspective, so here’s more food for thought: Surveys indicate that almost half of consumers think better of companies that gift them eco-friendly promo products. 

Reusable drink bottles not only win hearts, but also have an incredibly long shelf life. Choose durable bottles made of metal or high-quality plastic, with a unique design that’s bound to stand out and your logo prominently displayed. Customers will keep your brand within an arm’s reach every day for months (or even years) down the line. 

Of course, man cannot live on water alone. It’s estimated that 66 billion cups of coffee are consumed countrywide each year. Why not help your customers reduce their eco footprints here too? Custom coffee mugs that showcase your logo with every sip are definitely going to make waves — especially if you choose travel mugs that people can bring with them everywhere. 

Tote Bags

Branded bags will literally get your name carried around town. Employees will be pleased to show off your brand logo during their work travels. Your clients, on the other hand, could use a convenient means to cart off all the other goodies you’ve showered them with. 

Like all other items on the list, your branded bags will find use in everyday life. Every grocery shopping trip is a chance to get your name out there as are all the other instances your bags will come in handy. That equates to tons of advertising potential particularly if the bags are study enough to cope with the demands.

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