Top 3 WiFi Plans with Free Modem

Everyone in the household is getting excited to get connected. However, there are so many Internet plans available that it becomes so confusing which one to choose. Australia is one very lucky country because users have numerous choices for the best home wifi deals and discounts. Read further to find a list of the best and reasonably priced WiFi plans with modem.

But first, you might be asking yourself what a modem has got to do with WiFi. Primarily, you’ve got to know what a modem is. It is a networking device whose function is to let the computer access the Internet so that it can communicate with other computer units. You may rent or buy your own modem but the usual practice is that the Internet Service Providers (ISP) usually provide them to customers.

One advantage of using a modem is that it possesses a high transmission rate since telephone lines are used in this, but it also comes costly. Another good thing is that most modems are totally compatible with fax technology. You may send or receive fax messages in an instant using a modem. So, now that you know the importance of a modem to WiFi, here are the plans that come with a modem.

The Top 3 WiFi Plans

Telstra Megahome Internet Deal

Telstra offers no lock-in contract therefore you can change your plan up to once a month without paying anything. If you sign up online, you will not be charged the $99 connection fee. The plan boasts of a superior home WiFi as their Telstra Smart modem switches to their 4G mobile network when there is an NBN outage. Your satisfaction is guaranteed since you get a refund if ever you are not happy with the service after 30 days.


The plan with a typical evening speed of 12Mbps includes WiFi modem and home phone you can use for unlimited local calls and unlimited standard national calls. It also features 10GB data usage. Families having multiple heavy Internet users will be glad to avail of their Superfast Speed which is the fastest NBN speed available. A dual band 802.11ac WiFi modem providing an amazing speed and coverage is included in the package. Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, they got you covered with their no lock-in contract or simply enjoy a free setup on a 6-month contract.

ADSL2+ Metro 11GB Dodo Broadband Plan

This plan is loaded with the following features: 101GB of anytime data but a $2 charge will be imposed for excess data usage; there are no peak or off-peak limits; NBN-ready modem, flexible contract options. Line rental is also included. Only eligible residential customers located in the area of a Dodo Fibre-enabled exchange may avail of fibre. A fibre-compatible modem is required which can be purchased from Dodo.  

There are circumstances though when a modem has a problem with availability especially the DSL type. If a local phone company doesn’t service a rural or remote location, then an Internet plan with modem could not be availed of.  Before you sign up, make sure to inquire what services and home wifi deals are available in your area.

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Last modified: June 11, 2021

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