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Top 10 Things That Define Modern Men

Being a man is an arduous task. To be a man, you have to implement a specific standard in everything you do. 

Luckily, there are a ton of resources and figures to use to find what defines modern men. The list may change due to the zeitgeist, but the core principles of masculinity remain the same. 

However, if you can take a single take from the article – Keep in mind that being a man is a life-long effort.  

1. Master the Tools of the Trade 

The essence of manliness is in the ability to build and protect. Providing shelter and security is the first step a man has to take for others to acknowledge him. Therefore, he needs to know his way around tools and equipment. 

For example, you can buy a hammer and a screwdriver, but you have to know how to pick work shorts. Working around a shop is all about preparation and comfort during work. Learn how to use tools to build things that can improve your life. 

Being a builder, a developer is the first step to becoming a man. 

2. Learn to Cook 

The second is to know how to cook. And, you have to learn how to cook more than a scrambled egg, something like roasted red bliss potatoes.

Cooking is an essential life skill. Stay functional. Cooking is a skill that impacts every aspect of your life, from fitness to productivity. 

Without knowing how to cook, you have a poor diet which decreases your energy and performance. Also, cooking shapes your lifestyle since it considers what you want in your body. 

The best cooking is that which keeps you aligned with your macros and makes your body lean. Of course, you get additional points if you know how to make a dessert or two.    

3. Know How to Fix Things Around the House 

People have a lot of respect for a person they can call when the common calamity strikes. Likewise, they lack respect for a man they know is unable to help them in crisis. 

Of course, there are limited sets of things you can learn during your lifetime. For example, if you are a blue-collar worker, then you know how to fix many things. But, for guys in other types of employment, you need to know to do elementary fixes. 

Learn a few things about electricity, plumbing, and common house fixes. With that, you can tackle most problems and keep your household in proper shape.  

4. Staying Healthy 

Most men overlook health as a relevant aspect of their life. Often, they start taking care of their bodies after they become ill or develop health problems. 

Modern men need to use every available resource to stay healthy and in shape. Make sure to do regular medical check-ups. Check your blood work, and consult your doctor to visit a specialist. 

A small and regular effort may take your quality of life a long way. So, always take time in your busy schedule to visit a doctor for a medical check-up.    

5. Staying Fit 

Another thing that goes hand in hand with health is fitness. A modern man should spend enough time to stay fit. 

Staying fit is more than having abs. It is about having functional strength and mobility, as well as stamina. A man should be able to carry loads, walk, swim or run for decent distances. It is far from necessary to have a black belt or bench press extreme loads. 

But, staying flexible and strong works wonders for your health, physical and mental. 

6. Being a Sharp-Dressed Guy 

Now, it is time to look at another aspect of man’s representation. A modern man needs to know how to dress well. 

Dressing well is knowing how to pick clothes for a specific occasion. Of course, when you are at your home, you can wear a tee with sweatpants. But, when you go to work or social events, you need to look well and communicate your status. 

If anything, consult an image consultant to craft your style. That is a fun part of being a man, to be honest. 

7. Acquiring Emotional Intelligence 

Another thing that is not very popular is emotional intelligence. Man of the past was the strong, silent type. The contemporary man needs to navigate complex social situations, and that requires emotional intelligence. 

Or, to put that in another way, you need soft skills. Work on your communication skills. That way, you can mingle with other people and get a better position in society. 

Emotional intelligence is a trait you want to acquire. It is worth the effort. 

8. Mastering New Skills 

A man should never stop learning. Skills are essential for life. 

Whether you are learning a skill to improve your income or improve your life, it is worth the trouble. Often, a man should identify his weaknesses and work on them. Some men may have a high-paying job but lack valuable life skills. 

Then, it is time to work and improve in those departments. 

9. Building Your Tribe

For that, there is nothing better than working with another man. And, there is nothing worth more than your tribe. 

Man is not a man without fellow people he cares for. In the end, your network is your net worth. Building your tribe is a life-long quest, and it never stops. Work on that as soon as you can, find those people, and keep them close. 

They may help you with the finest trait of being a man.  

10. Staying Hungry

A man should stay hungry. Hunger leads to ambition, and ambition leads to results. 

Work hard, and never stop improving. Keep the fire of life alive in your chest. Inspire others to do the same. 

That is the stuff that constitutes the core of any man.  

Be a Man 

Being a man takes a lot of work. But, it is worth the investment. 

Make it a journey. Enjoy every step you take to the achievement of your goals. 

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