Top 10 Must-Have Smoking Accessories

Whether you’re a newbie to pot or a seasoned smoker, some smoking accessories are just too important not to have. From joint filters to glowing rolling trays, here is a must-have list of accessories for any pothead.

Glowing Rolling Tray

A good quality rolling tray is important for any stoner. Rolling trays are essential to roll and pack your smokes, and they keep your stash in one spot. This kind of rolling tray does not just glow in the dark; it has colored LED lights. If you like accessories like this, consider investing in a monthly smoking subscription box.

Three Chambered Grinder

A weed grinder is essential for your smoking experience and helps your bud break down properly, and lets you pack it into any bowl, blunt, or joint. Grinders with 3 chambers are great as you can grind your bud and collect all kief that coat your flower. The strong, potent crystals fall through the second chamber and collect at the bottom for an extra powerful smoke hit.

Rolling Papers And Blunt Wraps

Without rolling papers and blunt wraps, your smoking collection is incomplete. Luckily, most smoking subscription boxes include these essential items. The option of having flavored blunt wraps can put a great spin on your day.

Bong Cleaners And Brushes

Maintain your bong with bong cleaners and brushes. Having a clean bong will also improve your overall smoking experience. 

Bamboo Packing Stick

Bamboo packing sticks are super easy to use and convenient for when you want to pack your weed in an instant. Instead of hurrying to find a pen or pencil while packing your bud, use a cool and unique-looking bamboo packing stick.

Torch Lighter

Much better than a traditional lighter, a torch lighter is more powerful and produces much more heat and flame than a normal lighter. They are also handy for heating your drab rig and burning through potent concentrates.

Airtight Storage Container

Can’t find a good place to store your stash? Then consider getting an airtight storage container. Cannabis is easily affected by things like light heat and moisture. Enjoy fresh and potent cannabis by storing it in an airtight container.

Joint Filter Tips

Joint filters are simple to use, cool your smoke for a better and smoother smoking experience, and are easy to insert.

These kinds of filter tips help filter out residue from your puffs and also help keep your flower away from your lips and prevent it from becoming stuck to your tongue.


Throw away all your joints and butts into a quality ashtray like a debowler ashtray. A debowler ashtray is a special ashtray having a poker sticking out in the middle. The poker is for cleaning your bowls, so as you’re clearing, the ash falls straight into the ashtray.

Matchbox Sets Disguised As Classical Books

Are you a lover of both classic literature and pot? Then you might find the classic literature collection of matchbox sets right up your alley. Who doesn’t want a matchbox set with a Pride and Prejudice themed cover is the actual question!

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn more about the essential smoking accessories and why you need them. Purchasing a subscription to a smoking subscription box could bring you the best, coolest, and most exclusive smoking accessories to your doorstep every month.

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Last modified: June 1, 2021

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