Top 10 features of healthcare mobile application

The most basic and significant characteristics of the patient’s app have been identified. The doctor’s side of the app will have all the information about patients. Such applications are designed for the doctors much as the previous app was created for the patients to record patients’ health.

Most significantly, the doctor’s app would have a doctor profile that will have digital evidence of all their qualifications. If you are looking to make a difference in healthcare, your hired healthcare app development services should have 10 features to ensure success. 

1. Schedule Management 

Doctors have a very tight timetable and careful management must streamline the practice. Therefore, they should have a schedule on hand to update it at anytime, anywhere, and adjust if and when necessary. Also, with the aid of this instrument, patients can make an appointment.

2. Doctor’s profile 

This is important for the patient to see the doctors’ profile and thus look for the most suitable. It helps to save both the doctor and the patient time and money. The doctor should also provide full information on his/her occupation, level of experience, appointment choices and contact details, etc.

3. Patient’s dashboard 

The full data about the health of the patients will be reported on this. For instance, their diagnosis, nutritional principles, treatment history, prescribed medications, etc. You can store all of these documents using cloud storage services.

4. Prescription 

This is one very beneficial function, whether for the doctor or the patient, to be present in both apps. With the aid of this, healthcare apps can also stop errors and mistakes due to poor handwriting. Moreover, it helps to keep the patient’s past intact.

5. Clinical Photo Taker 

This role can be applied to reduce the cost of the costly equipment needed for medical photography. This will also allow doctors to compare the before and after treatment images. For dermatologists and other cosmetic clinic physicians, this form of function will prove to be very useful. As the healthcare app development is transforming patient care, there are several different choices made available to the patients which includes customizing the image according to requirements, treatment pictures, etc.

6. Scheduling & Reminders

This feature offers doctor’s appointments without hassle. It can also plan medical intake, sleep, water intake, daily calorie consumption targets, etc.

7. Social Media Sign-In

This feature makes it easy to sign into the patient app quickly on social media. Many people, however, object to sharing personal data with 3rd party social media apps, so you need to explain the extent of social media access to personal accounts in your app privacy policy.

8. Real-time Chats

Patients can engage with their doctors in real-time through this feature and get generous support. This role can promote more comfortable access to healthcare and can create trust between patients and doctors.

9. Geolocation

Imagine that a patient is away from his regular clinic and needs urgent support. This function provides patients with knowledge about nearby hospitals with integrated data sources (Google Maps or any other third-party map service). Health care services can also help to locate a patient in the event of an emergency.

10. Reviews & Ratings

Patients can provide useful input and share their care experiences with other patients through this function. This will help patients make healthier choices and develop the healthcare service’s reputation and patient loyalty.

Important Tip: Payment Gateway

Mobile payment integration with the new digital payment functions (wallets, credit/debit cards, net banking, etc.) helps patients pay for care and/or insurance quickly and conveniently. Patients can also view copies of bills for documentation purposes.

With the assistance of a software development partner, all of these features of the Doctor’s app and Patient’s app could be built and created. According to the countries, there are several different types of hospitals and healthcare service providers. So, various applications can be designed accordingly. Those looking after the development of such an application will get the product to be developed by a software development partner. Let’s pass on to the application that follows.

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Last modified: March 3, 2021

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