Top 10 Dating Red Flags for Men in 2021

It is lovely when the relationship is just beginning, but sometimes we ignore some warning signs, wholly immersed in a new feeling. Together with, we highlight what moments in our partner’s behavior should be paid attention to.

Your Girlfriend Constantly Criticizes You

Besides, she tries to tease or hurt you even in public, for example, when you are together in your friends’ company. Or she tells your secrets and shares some information that makes you feel uncomfortable. That’s a red flag, which suggests that your woman is either insecure and strongly resent the male sex or seeks in this way to control your behavior, putting pressure.

She’s Addicted

In this case, it can be not only about alcohol or drug addiction. Your partner may be a rabid fan of computer games or has some other habits, for example, cannot do without gambling, constant risk, or some different doping. It’s important to remember that life with an addicted person is a big challenge, and more often than not, it ends in nothing.

Desire to Control You

You don’t have time to understand how it came out that she is aware of all your plans, calls, and movements. Full awareness of all your partner’s affairs is usually the first step in imposing their views. It will be a serious precedent once you are required to account for your actions, thoughts, and movements, and you cannot defend your boundaries. Your life will never be the same again.

You Fail to Discuss Problems in Your Couple

For example, if something is going wrong, you want to talk. That’s healthy and constructive. But when all your words and arguments seem to go to waste. Trying to figure out who’s right and who’s wrong gets you nowhere. The process turns everything upside down, you get away from the core of the problem, and already there is a feeling that you are all wrong. Instead of a real discussion, you get a headache, and you are no longer happy that you started it.

She Compares You With Her Exes

Talking all the time about past relationships and comparing you is unhealthy. Often these methods are used by novice domestic tyrants who want to lower your self-esteem and deprive you of self-confidence. There is only one way out — run away.

She’s Inattentive to You

She can cancel the date, because there were more interesting things, such as a meeting with friends. She may not remember what you asked her to do, doesn’t call back, explains everything by being very busy. It’s important to remember that a person who really wants to be with you will find a way to do it.

She Complains Too Much

Your girlfriend regularly blames someone else for her failures, complains that she was hindered by some external circumstances, forces beyond her control. Or she talks about her plans for the future, and it turns out that these plans are more than five years old, but she is still standing in one place, blaming others for her failures. 

It’s Never Her Fault

She has a unique ability to make almost every time it’s you to blame for the quarrel. Your lady shifts the responsibility for her behavior to you, gradually making you doubt your own adequacy.

She’s Aggressive

Your woman can suddenly raise her voice, yell, insult, and then charmingly apologize, explaining that she was overreacting. This is one of the most troubling markers that suggest that this behavior will develop into a full-blown pattern of domestic violence in the future. Not only can men be abusers, but some women have also already succeeded in it.

She Refuses to Keep a Dialogue

Each of us has a right to get feedback in relations. If your partner refuses it to you, it means she is using one of the cruelest manipulations. Refusal to explain the reason, pauses in conversation, ignoring calls, playing the silent game are obvious examples of the boycott. Run before it’s too late, for ignoring is a meaningful and cruel way to manipulate.

In general, at the beginning of a relationship, most people tend to try to be better than they really are to impress their potential mate. So, it’s crucial to learn the general rule — if you are uncomfortable with the person on the first, second, third date, there is no point in communicating. Listen to your intuition, your inner voice, which can tell you that something is wrong at the earliest stages.

We almost always understand everything correctly and are clearly aware of the uncomfortable situation, but we often force ourselves to close our eyes and find some excuse for the person. However, you don’t have to do that.

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Last modified: August 26, 2021

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