Tips on How to Organize Your Closet

If you are having trouble with finding calm in the chaos of your closet, there are plenty of ways to clean it up and organize things a little bit better. Here are some ideas.

Clothing bins

This is one of the more simple ways that you can keep all of your things organized in your closet. Clothing bins might not be the most stylish thing and they might not be fun to look at. But they are a great and cheap way to keep your closet organized. If you like the idea of clothing bins but you hate the idea of looking at them, you can get new closet doors that cover up the madness in your closet so you never have to look inside of it until you are ready.

Bags filled with clothes you aren’t wearing tucked away until you need them

Vacuum-sealed clothing bags can come in handy when you need to store things away for the season. This will clear up so much space in your closet, keep your expensive clothing items safe, and you will have things a lot more organized because everything that you don’t need is already put away so all that can be left are the things that you are looking for.

The only issue with vacuum sealing your clothes is that if you ever do need something from those bags, you are opening up a mess of clothing and then you have to reseal everything that was in the bag with the item you needed. But if you are okay with the work that unsealing and sealing comes with, this is a great way to keep your closet organized.

Small organization drawers

You can buy cheap organizing drawers online that will help clear up a lot of your closet space. The issue with this is that these drawers are not exactly meant for holding clothes. They are meant for office supplies and large books. But who says you can’t turn it into something that can hold clothes? The drawers are large enough for several winter coats and they are still small enough to be stuffed into the closet with no issue or worry. So if you are trying to find a way to save money while keeping your closet organized, a set of small organization drawers can be your best friend.

However, it is important to keep in mind that when you do get these drawers, you should make sure that you label them so you know what is stuffed into each box. Place the things that you will less likely need on the bottom of the stack to save your back from going out. And consider mixing this idea with the vacuum sealing idea. You will be able to stuff double the amount of clothing into one drawer and open up even more space in your closet.

Color organized tags or hangers

You can buy a clothing tagging device online if you know the right place to look. This can help you decide whether or not you want to wear a specific clothing item, without having to take it down. The tedious work that is placing information and tagging every clothing item you have is a bit annoying, but it can be worth it if you are the type that needs to see the material, size, and fit of the item before deciding to wear it out.

You can also get color-coded hangers. If something is fancy, you can hang it with a red hanger. If something is meant to be worn out to a casual event, you can hang it with a hanger that is white or blue. This is another pretty simple organization method, but again, can be very tedious.

Hanging dividers

You can buy dividers for your closet. This will make things a lot more organized as long as you are okay with taking away some of the space that you originally had to hang stuff up in your closet. These dividers aren’t super thick so they shouldn’t take up too much space, but they will take up enough space to show that there is a clear divide between two articles of clothing that are hanging up.

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