Tips on How to Hang a Wall Art

The process of hanging new paintings or wall art is not easy. Hanging artwork can sometimes become a challenging task. Display them correctly without making any fuss and confusion in the perfect position.

If you want your new painting to look perfect but cannot find a perfect wall, focus on the level and frame of art. As issues with the height and structure are heavier than you realized.

Here are five ways that make a wall hanging much simple:

Do Not Hurry


Take your time to plan your arrangements, plan a graph on a paper sheet or use a computer. Then, rearrange the pieces of wall art on the floor until you love how it looks. Keep experimenting with different placement positions.

This process will help you visualize the final look. It will give you a clear picture of wall art and look when placed on the wall without much confusion. Choose the best canvas print like these that match your interior and look trending as well. 

Arrange for Necessary Equipment

The equipment used to hang wall art includes nails, hammers, and drilling machines. One should be an expert in using these types of equipment to avoid unnecessary bigger holes in walls. These holes can be visible at the end of the final look.

Use Variety of Frame Styles


A large art piece is impressive and adds a statement element to wall decor. However, small artwork is perfect for wall space between doors or windows or creating a group display of wall art together.

While hanging wall art above any furniture like a sofa or bed, be sure about the third furniture size placed next to them. Otherwise, the artwork will look odd to keep it at eye level.

Frame styles can be in any form and shape like round, square, oval, vertical, etc. Try changing the pattern of putting artwork according to the usual look of the space.

Hang Wall Art at the Center


Placing wall art at the centre or eye level ensures that people can admire the art comfortably. The center of any wall is measured by measuring the whole space and dividing it into halves.

Those halves give a center point to the wall hanging without making it look out of proportion. The place where you display the art piece determines the focus point.

Measure the top of the artwork, mark on the wall and hang it with a hook or wire.

Adjust Wall Art Close to Furniture


When you hang wall art above furniture, mantles, etc., the eye level rule doesn’t apply. Instead, you just have to go a little higher to the furnishings to draw a line between furniture and wall art.

By adding wall art close to furniture and in an accurate position will add a visual look to the decor.


Even more so than other types of décor items, wall hangings are at low risk of experimenting. Creating templates with different cutouts or on the computer can be an effective way of testing your ideas before hanging anything.

Adding wall hangings to the decor allows you to give a better vision to the design. By applying the above tips and tricks to wall hanging, one can add different wall art pieces like a pro.

You can become an interior decorator in your own house without any doubt in mind.

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Last modified: September 17, 2021

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