Tips for Making coin New World Dungeon levels

The New World coin is more important in this version than in the modern version, don’t waste it. We not only have to get EndGame equipment as much as possible but also move forward naturally. If you run out of coins, the experience will slow down a lot. Do not waste coins when buying weapons or armors in a commercial city because these weapons or armors can be obtained through the natural process of the game? Only carry New World weapons, armors, and items that are genuinely worthwhile and most valuable. Get rid of things that are of little value or that you know you can recover later. There is no need to keep consumables, food, and water because they are easy to obtain shortly, taking up inventory space.

How to Leveling Up in the new world

Boost your change. It is easy to upgrade (level, Leveling) in New World. Despite all the new features brought by the expansion, you can always find a lot of surprises in your little journey, whether you are a novice or a novice veteran. Whether it is good or bad, depending on its appearance, New World provides linear contact for the mission, but also provides a new level path for those who have already started, for example, their 5th-time change and the Quest has become repetitive or Try new level methods. Once you reach the long-awaited level 60, a world full of infinite possibilities will be opened for you, such as the collection of justice points, the daily magma front, and the newly implemented gang discoverer, which you can access obtaining the lowest level.

Get experience

To upgrade, you need to reach a specific experience limit, which will increase as you upgrade. In this way, to level up, you will always need more experience than you need to reach your current level. The leveling difficulty curve in New World has been significantly simplified, so you must always be prepared to leave a different area when the mission is already green, or if you don’t like it, you no longer provide the necessary experience or switch to the dungeon method. Perform tasks in a particular area, or you are not interested.

Kill monsters

Most players in the new world dungeon level gain experience by killing wild monsters that appear on the journey. The color of the monster’s name (green, yellow, orange, or red) indicates how brutal the beast is and whether it is easy or difficult for you to kill them. Grey-named monsters will provide you with prestige but not experience. If the monster does not have the color of the name, but a skeleton appears in the small circle to the left of the word, the level that usually occurs, which means that the monster needs more levels from you, and if you end up dying you decide to kill it. On the other hand, if your team has a friend with a higher level than you, the experience you gain by killing monsters will be significantly reduced.


The mission also provides an experience like the monster’s name. In other words, they have colors (difficulty depends on the color of the task, the pattern is the same as that used for monsters). Gray tasks will bring you reputation but little experience. Always try to perform tasks that are yellow or orange. Some collective tasks, in addition to providing a lot of experience and generous rewards, can also be completed by certain classes alone.


This is not the fastest way to upgrade, but it is beneficial. Use archaeology to gain experience, and the amount obtained is affected by guild rewards, relics, and sleep patterns. This is an easy choice and a possible way to get some epics in the process.


Collecting extraction points for mining and herbs can also provide an experience scale with relic rewards, guild level, and sleep mode. The experience earned depends on your level and professional level.


Dungeons are instances or sub-areas where a group of 5 heroes is required to complete them. New world, dungeon level Players can enter the dungeon from the 15th level. From then on, the queue option will appear in the dungeon (you can access it by pressing the I key on your keyboard). Queuing into random dungeons will reward you with a lot of experience and a series of helpful justice points.


Exploring different sub-fields will give you a small amount of experience. This is good support, but you will not reach 60 through exploration alone.


The battlefield has been changed to now provide experience. It should be noted that you will not gain experience by killing other characters, but you can gain experience by winning the battlefield or collecting resources based on domains. For example, in Warsong Canyon, you will gain experience through victory and capture the flag. In contrast, in Arathi Basin, you will gain a certain amount of resource gathering experience over time. During the war call that occurs every weekend and is different every week, knowledge will increase. Use the PvP tab in the mini action bar to queue up by pressing the H key or talking with the battle master in the capital.

Personality development

As your level increases, your character will become stronger. In addition, he also obtained primary data to unlock new skills.

Double Degree

Double specialization: starting from level 30, your class tutor can only learn 10g. This allows you to choose between two talent branches without having to pay for changing the talent branch. This is very useful, especially if you are a professional that can take on different functions. For example, a druid can be a tank, a healer, or a Dps. Dual specialization allows you to choose between two of them without going to a mentor to switch talents.

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