Tips for Helping Your Band Get More Exposure

Being part of a band is like teaming up with friends to break through a dense competition wall.  There are thousands of bands trying to get noticed, each with their sound and style, all methodically working to rise above the rest.  Vying to get more exposure can be complicated if you go into it without knowing the best methods.

Here’s how to help your brand get more exposure.

Network With Other Bands

The best part of the music scene is that you don’t have to do this alone.  Although you’re trying to rise, your best bb option for growing is befriending other bands.  Find bands that match your interests own, and connect with the members.  Befriending other bands can help you get into more shows and allow your brand to be the one they call when their band can’t go on.  Larger bands can help promote you: but you mustn’t act like a clout chaser.  Other bands will know if you’re trying to use them for their fans.

Play Live Whenever Possible

Keep an eye out for any gigs looking for bands for hire.  The more live performances you can put out, the higher chance you’ll have to get more performance job offers.  Putting on a show at multiple venues also opens you to exposure to new fans and the public consciousness.  Of course, you’ll eventually have to level up the type of jobs you accept, but this can be an excellent way to get your name out and your band on the stage.

Post High-Quality Recordings

Your recordings online are the primary way people will experience your music.  Ensure that this introduction to your sound is a good one by putting in the time and money to make high-quality recordings.  Although fine audio can be captured by phones, and their cameras are getting better, invest in buying or renting better equipment so that your music gets the chance it deserves.

Social Media Is A Must

Tying in with networking with other bands, social media allows you to amass many fans without ever playing a gig.  The top band social media right now is TikTok because of its ability to skyrocket any musician to fame within a day.  It’s also a good idea to have a Twitter and Instagram so that people can see what type of personality your band members have.  Utilizing this space allows your band to announce upcoming shows, sell more tickets, and gain a loyal group of fans to cheer you on.

Be Consistent

It’s vital that your band consistently puts out more music.  If you take any lengthy breaks, you run the risk of being left behind and forgotten by people who like your music.  Everybody needs vacations, though, so plan your release schedule in a way that evenly distributes your works throughout the year.  You can drop an album all at once: but if you don’t have a considerable following, it may be better to release one song at a time.

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