Tips for Buying the Best Bean Bag Chair for Kids

Bean bag chairs are making a comeback in the home and living space. They’re comfortable, multifunctional and can complement any setting and theme. Kids bean bags are something you need to own since they add a touch of style and glamour to any area in the house.

Before buying small bean bag chairs for kids, there are important things you need to keep in mind. As a parent, you would want your kids to be safe and comfortable when relaxing. 

Here are points to consider before purchasing a bean bag.

Bean bag chairs come in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. Some designs are best for adults, while some are children friendly. Before making a purchase, you need

to tell that the bean bag size is suited for kids. If shopping online, request photos showing how a kid fits on the chair.

While at this, keep in mind that kids grow faster. You wouldn’t want to replace it as soon as they grow a little older. Consider the kid’s size and height to choose a bean bag that will serve them for years to come.

Some bean bags offer a great aesthetic appeal to your living room when it comes to designs and shapes. Go with those that compliment well with your decor. Common shapes include round, teardrop and pancake.

How safe is the bean bag to your home? You want the best for your child (ren). In terms of safety, you need to look at the fabric and fill the bean bag chair. For toddlers and kids under 10, it is recommended that you choose bean bags free from polystyrene as it could hurt them when it loosens. 

The fabric should be health-friendly to the user and environment. Avoid material like vinyl which might have Lead that is harmful to humans. Therefore, you should buy small bean bag chairs made of high-quality fabric and good foam stuffing for your children’s safety.

  1. Fabric

Bean bags are designed to suit any setting like living room, bedroom or playroom. By default, bean bag chairs in the playroom wear out quicker than those in the living room. This means the place where the bean bag chair will be used will help you determine the type of material to use. 

Buy high-quality upholstery fabric that is stain-free and durable enough to withstand tears and pressure from kids.

Kids are messy, so you will experience spills and food smudges from time to time. This is why you need a bean bag chair with a loose zip-off cover that you can always remove and wash. 

Furthermore, these covers will make it easy for you to customize your small bean bag chairs to come up with different looks for the room.

  • Quantity and Quality of Fill

The fill type in any bean bag dictates how comfortable the chair will be. After all, the important thing is to feel comfortable and relaxed in your bean bag chair. Small bean bag chairs use different types of fillings like furniture pads, wood shavings, polystyrene

beans and foam. 

While Polystyrene is light and makes it easy to move the chair around, it breaks down after some time and may need replacement. Polyurethane foam is an excellent fill as it is comfortable, super soft and durable. 

Besides quality, the filling should be in the right amount for utmost comfort. Too much stuffing makes it hard and uncomfortable. Just ensure the bean bag is fluffy and the right size for your kid. Ensure you choose a non-carcinogenic foam fill that is safe for your home. 

Warranty is an essential factor when buying anything for the home, and this is no different with small bean bag chairs. A warranty gives you the confidence to buy a bean bag chair for your kid. You will have faith in the durability and quality of the bean. 

Whether it is a 30 day, six months, one year or Three years warranty, it will save you from disappointments.

You should also consider the number of kids going to use the bean bag. Some can only fit one kid at a time, while others can accommodate more than three.

Pet-friendly and portability are also great features to look out for in kids bean bags.


You can help your children make memories by getting them the perfect bean bag chairs. The above tips will help you make an informed decision before buying one. Ensure your kids are safe and comfortable. 

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Last modified: June 2, 2021

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