This Is How to Get a Greener Lawn the Right Way

Embarrassed by your brown, dry lawn? Are you starting to believe that the grass really is greener on the other side?

Help is at hand. You can achieve that beautiful green lawn and be the envy of your neighbors by following a few simple steps. 

Here is a straightforward guide on how to get a greener lawn. 

The Best Time of Year to Plant Grass Seed

Fall is the best time to plant your grass seed. That offers the perfect combination of warm soil from the summer months and cooler temperatures to help seed germination. 

However, you can plant grass seed at any time of year when the temperature is mild. Just make sure you give new grass plenty of water if you sow seeds before the hot summer months. 

How to Prepare the Ground

If you are planting seed on top of the existing lawn, mow the grass first.

If you are planting seeds in areas with sparse grass, or directly onto soil, make sure you loosen the top layer of soil. Aim for at least one-quarter of an inch of loose soil in the areas where you’ll be planting your grass seed. 

Fertilize the Lawn

Once you have loosened the soil, it’s time to add fertilizer. Fertilizer is a critical factor in helping you achieve that perfect lawn finish, so don’t skip this step.

Apply an even amount of fertilizer to the soil to ensure a thorough finish across your lawn. 

Seed the Lawn

The best way to apply seed to your lawn is by hand. That helps ensure you get an even amount across each patch of lawn. That will give you a more even finish. 

As you distribute the seeds across the lawn, make sure as many seeds as possible are making contact with that first layer of soil. Otherwise, the grass seed won’t germinate. 

After adding the seeds, lightly rake the soil once to help ensure the seeds settle. 

Give the Lawn Plenty of Water

To achieve that enviable bright green look to your lawn, prepare to give the grass plenty of fresh water, especially if you are in an area where rainfall is low.

You don’t need to water grass too frequently. When you do water it, be over-generous and make sure the ground is well soaked. If you can afford to, invest in a sprinkler system from a local company. 

Control Weeds

When it comes to home landscaping, weed control is just as important as your grass color.

Don’t wait until your weeds are taking over your lawn before you attempt to deal with them. Treat weeds as soon as they start growing on your lawn, using a good quality herbicide. 

How to Get a Greener Lawn 

With these simple landscaping tips on how to get a greener lawn, all you need to add is a little bit of patience and attention to achieve the finish you are after for your garden. 

Give these tips a try today, and don’t forget to take before and after photos so you can admire your work! 

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