Things You Should Know When Exploring Glass Smoke Pipes Online

Are you looking to buy a smoke pipe to smoke your tobacco or cannabis? If so, you should try a glass smoke pipe which also comes in various materials, including wood, metal, corncob, etc. 

Glass pipes are highly recommended because you get the pure smoke flavor. However, buying them could be challenging unless you know how to go about it. Please keep in mind that smoke pipes are forbidden in some states. Hence it is better to check if it is legal. 

Different Types of Glass Pipes

There are many glass pipes, including spoon pipes (because of the shape), chillums or hand pipes, steamrollers, Sherlock pipes, and bubblers. 

Chillum Glass Pipes

A chillum is a simple, straight pipe, easy to hold and use. Smoking with a chillum is considered quaint by some today; however, chillums have existed for ages. The earliest known chillums were shaped out of hollow reeds. It’s easy to use because you load the stuff at one end, light the chillum, and start inhaling. 

However, you can’t load a lot of stuff as a glass chillum is pretty small and holds enough for a couple of inhalations. One drawback with a chillum is that it does not feature a carburetor, which helps keep the smoke fresh and full of natural flavor. 

Sherlock Glass Pipes

Sherlock glass pipes owe their name to the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes and the customary pipe he used to smoke.  The pipe’s stem ends in a small bowl in which the tobacco or herb is loaded before lighting up. 

The smoke travels smoothly up the stem, making it a pleasure to smoke with this pipe. Some Sherlock pipes come with extra-long stems and are called Gandalf pipes, named after the fictional character in The Lord of the Rings. You may find Sherlock glass pipes with carburetors, though they are not standard. 

Spoon Glass Pipes

A spoon glass smoke pipe is a somewhat upgraded version of the chillum. It is like a carbon copy of a chillum. Save the bowl at the end that holds the tobacco or herbs you plan to smoke. The advantage of a spoon glass pipe is that it comes with a carburetor, which is merely a tiny hole drilled in the tube. 

When smoking a spoon pipe, you must remember to cover the carburetor with your finger to let the air in through the bowl. However, while you inhale, you need to remove your finger to allow fresh smoke to come through. 

Steamroller Glass Pipes

A steamroller glass pipe is a slightly complicated smoking device and challenging for some to use. Steamrollers feature a tube ending in a bowl. You’ll find openings at both ends of a steamroller, and the opening near the bowl functions as the carburetor. 

You may find steamrollers with extra rolls that cool the smoke. However, it would help if you had prior experience smoking a steamroller as the smoke hits you like a steamroller, hence the name. Steamrollers are recommended for seasoned smokers and not for first-timers and beginners.


A bubbler looks like a cross between a glass pipe and a bong. This pipe uses water just like a bong, hence the name bubbler. The water is used to filter the smoke and make it smoother. Tiny bubbles form when the smoke is diffused, which charms most smokers. The water helps remove the harsh elements in the tobacco or herb. You can use cold or hot water, and the temperature makes a difference to the flavor. 

Summing it Up

Whatever type of glass pipe you plan to buy, remember that it takes a bit of practice to perfect the art of smoking through a pipe. You also get them in a choice of colors and designs and can go for the one that appeals best.

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Last modified: April 30, 2021

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