Things you should know about applicant tracking systems

The prime aspect of working with the best recruitment system would be to move past the stage where your Resume is being checked by the recruiter and they are about to take a call on whether your Resume qualifies to be considered. This is an area that is handled by the Applicant tracking system. 

But, the right step in making the best use of an Applicant tracking system is to understand the applicant tracking system at its core and understand how it works. The discussion here should ideally be helpful in arriving at the best possible experience.

What is an Applicant tracking system? 

The applicant tracking system is all about sifting through all your resumes and arriving at the best possible experience. This will be a great option to find and understand whether the person is fit for the position that they have applied for. 

It should be worthwhile to focus on the applicant tracking systems that are capable of working with the best algorithms. The applicant tracking system actually works with the best options for searching the resumes with the right keywords. The ATS options such as the Greenhouse applicant tracking system have set a high degree of performance standards for the recruitment software to check out the options for. 

How does the Applicant tracking system work? 

The Applicant tracking system essentially collects the Resumes of the candidates who have applied for a particular opening. In fact, the Resumes are stored even after the hiring for a particular opening has been completed. This can be effective in achieving the best results in finding the right candidates from the talent pool you maintain. This will be useful in finding access to a huge degree of efficiency. 

The steps in an applicant tracking system can perhaps be inclusive of 

  • Viewing the applications – The stage involves glancing through the details such as past experiences, job titles handled, and the other information. The Resume should be such that they will have the right skills and achievements, 
  • Automatic ranking – Some applicant tracking systems have the ability to scan your resume and applications and give an automatic ranking to the application. This helps the recruiter to focus on the right candidate bunch instead of checking each and every application. 
  • Keyword search – The key skills and titles can be a few of the options you would want to focus on when using an applicant tracking system. The right keywords and details thereof should be one of the best options to ensure that you get access to the right aspects of how to make sure that the right applications move ahead. 

Is the applicant tracking system good or bad? 

The applicant tracking systems can be helpful for recruiters. This will help the entire process to become highly streamlined. The concept of an applicant tracking system can be helpful in letting your recruiters opt for the right candidates for the job. 

Of course, automating the entire hiring process may not be something you will find rather impressive. However, using the right kind of Applicant tracking system or ATS can prove to be one of the easiest and simplest options in the long run. In fact, an optimized resume can be one of the best options for achieving the great results. 

However, it can also be one of the tougher tasks as well. The automated system for the applicant tracking system can end up leaving you frustrated if the tool fails to look at the human qualities. 

So, is it worth it? 

So, are applicant tracking systems worthy of being tried? In fact, the demand for these jobs have been growing quite consistently. This has resulted in a scenario where employers are flooded with the applications from hundreds of applicants The right type of Applicant tracking system can be very helpful in discouraging and filtering out the unqualified candidates. 

While a few of the companies today are still following the traditional systems, it may be the right time for you to move ahead and opt for an Applicant tracking systems. Use of the applicant tracking system can prove to be a great idea and let you enjoy a far better degree of performance both for employers and candidates alike. 

While it assists the employees in finding the best possible talent, it also helps the candidates get access to a far higher degree of priority talent. That would ideally make it one of the prime options to go with the right applicant tracking system for achieving more positive results. 

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Last modified: April 28, 2021

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