Things Every Man Should Know

Have you ever felt out of the ‘loop’ with what other guys know? Maybe they know the perfect amount of seasoning on that burger that everyone loves. Or how to knock out an entire twenty-four pack of beer without getting hungover? It could be something as simple as knowing the amount of protein that men require on a regular basis. To something a bit more complex; like the first steps to starting your own business. Are you itching to know more? Well, man are you in luck! Keep reading to find out; these are things that every man should know.

Saving Money

We’ll start out on how you can save a bit of extra cash. No, it is not a savings account or coupons. These are some options you might or might not expect to save you a few dollars. 

So, you’ve finally decided to start up that awesome business idea you had. Good for you! Maybe your idea is to make a tiki bar that you and all your friends could hang out at? Or perhaps you would rather sell something that you make by hand. Either way, regardless of what you do you wanna have a good head start. However, how will you start? Will you have all the necessary funding and expenses covered? You can be sure that you do by taking out a small business loan. Taking out a small loan for your business may be the best way to save you money. With expenses for materials and building, it is good to have a plan and funding when you need it. The best thing about a small business loan is that you would be able to pay it off little by little as your business grows. Isn’t that awesome?  

Everyone knows that a dog is a man’s best friend. You love your dog and they love you. Don’t you wish you could say ‘thank you for all the good times? Now you can, because let’s face it; your best friend deserves only the best. With dog insurance, you can give them the best health care possible. Dog insurance could have you paying less for that emergency trip to the vet. With up to ninety percent cash back on eligible bills, you can even have prescriptions that need to be bought, taken care of. Dogs are some of the best companions in the world, not all men find romance. So it is nice to have their other half around for as long as possible. 

Try not to eat out as often. As convenient as fast food is, if you indulge too much it can negatively impact your wallet. Instead, try making meals out of what you have at home. It can be very rewarding as home-cooked meals always taste the best. They are way cheaper in the long run too. If you do not know how to cook, don’t worry there are thousands of videos and recipes in the device you are on. Homemade buttermilk pancakes are hard to beat when you put all your effort into making them and they turn out amazing. If you are feeding a family, have them help too, it will make it more fun.  

Keeping you looking good and feeling great

Did you know that men require a daily intake of about fifty-six grams of protein? That’s roughly twenty thousand four hundred and forty grams a year! There are plenty of options for foods that are high in protein and nutrients. For example: eggs, chicken breast, broccoli, seafood, and red meats. Or if you are in a rush to go somewhere, you could grab a light snack like almonds, greek yogurt and, even beef jerky. (You read that right.)

 Though, sometimes protein is not as readily available as you would like it to be. That’s where shakes and powders come in. Be careful with how much you intake, especially before working out. It is not a competition to see who can get the most protein, just figure out how much you personally need. The amount can vary by individual. Weight and height along with body mass play a dire role in what you need.  

 Protein supplements are cheaper and easier to use. Whereas, shakes and powders will start adding up after a while. Then it will be your wallet needing supplements. You can find out your personal protein requirements to see what works best for you and your lifestyle.

You have definitely heard of this whether you are ‘in the loop’ or not. One word, testosterone. Yes, the hormone that both men and women create. Men tend to produce testosterone more than women. Though in many cases it has been found that some men have naturally low testosterone. Lucky for them, they can now purchase the hormone. (With a prescription from a licensed Physician.) Testosterone elite is here to provide you with some of the best Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT for short. HRT has proven to help numerous men increase their libido, muscle mass and, even hair growth. It has also been proven that high testosterone levels in men help to maintain reproductive organs and tissue. 

It’s important to stay hygienic, clean and, well maintained to keep you at your best; mentally and physically. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day should be a given. Don’t forget the mouthwash and floss. Wash your face and hair with separate soaps. Enough of the fifty-two-in-one ingredients in one bottle. Invest in a nice face wash and separate shampoo and conditioners. Don’t forget the body wash, one of the most important impressions is the smell. 

Oh, and you know that rusty-dusty old razor that is sitting on the corner of your bathroom sink? It is collecting dust and bacteria, not to mention if you cut yourself while shaving it could easily get infected. Make a reminder to change your razor every week or two. If you have a trimmer, clean thoroughly after each use. Your body will be forever grateful that you’re taking care of it.

Not only should you treat yourself nicely by maintaining good hygiene; If you’re really wanting to show off and show out, jewelry is an excellent way to go. Now, I know what you’re thinking: 

”Jewelry? Seriously?” Yes, absolutely! Wearing something as simple as a necklace or watch can have a big impact in a wonderful way. 

Thirty-four percent of men that wear jewelry end up catching a woman’s eye more than those who do not. Now you may have seen this word when walking around your local mall or jewelry shop. Perhaps even on a billboard when you were stuck in traffic? The word we’re looking for is… vermeil.

 What is gold vermeil? Vermeil is a word originating from the French language that means ‘silver-gilt.’ As in gilded silver, silver that has been gilded with gold. A woman can tell a lot about a man based on what jewelry he wears. Most jewelry is worn to expand oneself. It also makes a great conversation piece. 

“Hey, I love your necklace! What’s it made out of?” 

“This old thing? Oh, it’s just gold vermeil.”

You are not a chameleon, you do not have to blend in. You can even get customized jewelry to make an even bigger statement. Something that is more personal to you, that would significant meaning.

So all in all, this article should help keep you up to date with today’s common knowledge amongst most men. If your pals don’t know what you are talking about, that just means you are two steps ahead of them. Use this knowledge wisely and safely. 

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