There’s a Lot of Thanks to Be Given to Science and Technology

Advances in science and technology are vital components of our daily lives, most people will wake up to the sound of an alarm clock in the morning and likely reach for a light switch to turn the lights out when they go to bed in the evening. All of these, once luxuries that we can buy and use to our hearts’ content are a product of science and technology, some of them, older than we are ourselves.

All it took was a spark 

Most significantly, we couldn’t have achieved the invention of electricity, the light bulb, the microchip, or even an electric car in such a short period of time, if it weren’t for advances in science and technology. In today’s world where nearly everybody has an electronic device of some sort glued to their hand, it’s difficult to picture our lives without science and technology.

It may actually drive some round the bend, quite literally. You could even go so far today that the success of some businesses such as TecDis have been largely dependent upon it. Every day, new technologies emerge that make human existence easier and more comfortable. As a result, we live, what would be described as a scientific and technological period.

Inventor or product of?

Fundamentally, Science and Technology have paved the way for the creation of contemporary civilisation or, are a product of it. These advancements have a significant impact on nearly every area of our everyday lives. As a result, people have the opportunity to experience things that were, at one time, thought unimaginable. You know, life’s simple little pleasures like turning on your massive, flat, smart TV which provides a source of nourishment – somehow.

When you stop to think about it, you’ll soon see the vast array of benefits that both science and technology have blessed us with. They range from the little things to massive ones, for instance, take something like a dimmer switch that reduces or increases the amount of power given to a bulb so that you can control the brightness. Something like that seems so trivial now, but, when it was first invented, it was like the latest smartphone, everyone had to have one. 

How could you live without them?

Onto the bigger necessities in life like the electrical devices without which life today would be much harder to live to the same standards. Try to imagine life without a refrigerator, AC, a microwave and more even the Internet, some youngsters may not realise just how ‘young’ the internet is. In relation to human beings and our time on this planet alone, it’s not even started to become an infant!

You’d never walk there

Moreover, when you consider the transportation issues that people used to face when compared with today, looking back, let’s say 100 years or so, you should be able to see precisely how big an influence science and technology have been, and should continue to do so. Just use your Internet browser to take a look at the history.

Take the aeroplane for example, when the first plane was being put together out of bits of material and wood, sure, those people had a vision, but do you think they ever stopped to consider that, one day there would be massive passenger planes, hundreds of them, all flying around to different places, within the same airspace, at the same time? Carrying 300+ people each? Not a chance in hell!

Beyond the stars

Furthermore, science and technology have enabled humans to look beyond what can be seen with the naked eye. The same science and technology are behind the finding of new planets and the placement of satellites in orbit. Not to mention serious discussions taking place about the reality of people actually living on mars, once only something you would have heard of or seen in sci-fi novels or at the movies!

In turn, the once most inconceivable of ideas have had a massive influence on the medical and agricultural areas too, science has saved millions of lives by discovering numerous treatments for illnesses, with that said, it’s power should never be underestimated. It’s probably been responsible for more fatalities than that of saving a life. Furthermore, technology has increased agricultural output, which has greatly benefited farmers.

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