Therapy is Going to the Dogs

Facility Therapy Dogs, Visiting Dogs, Service Dogs, and the list goes on, but what does it all mean? What kind of dogs are these, and more importantly, what do they do?

It doesn’t matter what breed or sex these dogs are; what matters is their dependability. Is the little Terrier able to work among other animals without being distracted, or will the Rottweiler show hostility throughout the numerous encounters with strangers that he will have?

These are just two of the qualities that these dogs must exhibit, and the list goes on.

Therapy dogs must enjoy their work rather than just tolerate it. They must also have complete faith in their handlers and be willing to perform everything they are asked.

Facility Therapy Dogs

Facility therapy dogs are regularly utilized to aid clients in accomplishing tasks that they were previously unable to complete. The handler will meet with the client’s doctor or caregiver to identify the best course of action. Learn more about rehabs that allow dogs on this site.

Although a lot depends on the particular client, this sort of treatment has a relatively high success rate overall. When working with therapy dogs, clients are more likely to work harder than when working with a human therapist.

The dog is never judgmental and has no objection to repeating the same task. The dog accepts the client for who he or she is, regardless of what they can or cannot achieve, and does not expect them to improve. This environment appeals to a large number of clients.

Visiting Dogs

These dogs are frequently hired simply to make the client’s day brighter. Many clients do not have regular visits and look forward to the dog’s presence. Others had to leave their dogs behind when they entered the prison, making these visits all the more poignant.

They’re reminded of their happier days in the past. Several studies have been conducted to determine the advantages of human-animal interaction. Anxiety levels reduced twice as much in some of these trials after a short canine/client contact as they did after a similar length human/client session.

Service Dogs

For many years, service dogs have been employed to assist the blind. These dogs are incredibly well-trained and dependable. Clients essentially leave their lives to these dogs, and a close attachment develops between them.

These dogs help their owners navigate their way through and around the many difficulties they will face during their lifetimes. There are also hearing dogs and seizure alert dogs, in addition to dogs that assist the blind.

Hearing dogs warn their owners of numerous sounds in and around the home or at work, such as a siren, the phone, someone at the door, smoke detector, and so on.

Some dogs are trained to physically alert their owners and then bring them to the source of the sound. They give their owners a great degree of peace of mind by easing some of their safety concerns.

Seizure Alert dogs can detect when their owners may have a seizure. Although it is unclear how this is accomplished, it is thought that these dogs can detect a seizure.

They serve an essential service by alerting their owners and allowing them to flee to a secure location before the seizure happens, preventing injury.

Apart from making the clients’ life simpler, all of these dogs provide company to their owners, frequently filling a lonely gap that comes with impairments.

Dogs will never be able to take the position of all human therapists, but they are excellent employees who never call in sick or grumble about their jobs.

The majority of working dogs look forward to the signal that it’s time to go to work, and their joy can be seen in their wagging tails.

A dog’s most endearing trait is its inherent capacity to give unconditional love and accept everyone as equals. Something we humans struggle with at times.

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Last modified: June 5, 2021

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