The top 3 supplies for professional catering and cooking equipment for YOUR Business!

If you are considering using professional catering or kitchen equipment for your business, you need to know why. Why is this option better than your own equipment or supplies you buy from another store? Sometimes using large-scale catering equipment and kitchen equipment makes it easier to feed the masses and help various people at one time, whereas your own equipment may only be beneficial for small-scale parties.

If you run a catering company, need a lot of food for a business party, or want to simply improve the efficiency of cooking with our company, hiring catering and cooking equipment is the best way to go. Instead of having to shop around online or in person for the best high-quality equipment for cooking, you will already have the equipment chosen for you, making it easy and stress-free.

Let’s see why you should rent catering equipment for your business and the top 3 accessories or supplies to use!

Top 3 professional cooking and catering equipment

When searching for the best cooking equipment, search for a reputable company, like Golyath, to provide you with your needs. Make sure the company has numerous positive reviews, long-lasting and high-quality equipment, and companies that can vouch for their services. 


One of the most important kitchen appliances is the stove. Without this, you wouldn’t be able to cook a plethora of foods in just minutes, making it the perfect appliance for fast restaurants, fine dining establishments, and diners alike. Choose a stove that is the size you need, featuring enough burners so you can cook multiple dishes and types of food at the same time.


An oven is the perfect appliance for restaurants that need to serve a hot dish that requires a long time being heated. With a bigger area than a stove, an oven is a good alternative for pasta dishes, slow-cooked meats, and other items that need a little more time than fast-fry items on a stove. Ovens allow restaurants to cook big dishes at once, making it an ideal appliance for multiple customers on the same night. 


Lastly, every restaurant needs a refrigerator. Without this appliance, professional restaurants would not be able to properly store food according to hygiene requirements. Refrigerators are necessary to keep meat fresh, keep vegetables crisp, and keep milk from curdling. Without refrigerators, businesses and restaurants would not be able to adhere to food safety standards and would lose a significant amount of their business and income. Restaurants typically buy professional kitchen and catering equipment that combines a freezer and refrigerator in one for extra efficiency. 

How to maintain professional catering and cooking equipment 

If you want to buy or rent catering equipment, like high-end products from Goliath, you need to learn how to take care of these expensive and long-lasting options. If you don’t take care of these products, they will not last as long as they should, costing you thousands of dollars in wasted resources.

Managing a restaurant kitchen involves overseeing the staff, running food orders, keeping the equipment in tip-top shape, and overseeing the routine maintenance of all important accessories in the kitchen. Not only does your job include cleaning the appliances, disinfecting work surfaces, managing staff, and scheduling the jobs, but it also includes a professional deep cleaning routine of catering and cooking equipment. 

Make sure you stay up to date with your cleaning rota and schedule to ensure everything is properly maintained, such as the moors, hinges, and glides on all large-scale appliances like refrigerators and ovens. Effective equipment ensures you spend less on energy bills, repairs, and equipment failures that could result in less food output in your company. 

As an owner, you need to ensure all of your staff is properly trained on the maintenance, cleaning, and inspecting of catering and cooking equipment for long-term use. The final step in keeping your equipment running properly is buying high-end equipment in the first place from a company such as Golyath.

How often should you clean professional catering and cooking equipment?

Make sure you clean your kitchen equipment at least once every 24 hours to ensure there is no build-up of foreign matter, food, or dirt that can harm the sanitation and hygiene of your food output. Clean your oven, grills, deep fryers, ventilation systems, and cooktops that can gather food particles and lead to an unsanitary work environment. 

Even if you are not cooking on this surface, make sure your refrigerator and freezer are cleaned, disinfected, and wiped down so no food is left outside of its packaging or spilled liquids congeal on surfaces. 

While you clean the cooking and catering equipment, make sure you pay special attention to the moving parts associated with some accessories. Ensure you clean motors and hinges, ensuring that regular lubrication helps you safely handle and prepare foods. 

Benefits of keeping your catering and cooking equipment clean

  • Reduce utility costs – by ensuring your accessories and appliances are running correctly, you can reduce your energy bill and utility costs. Your appliances will run more efficiently, reducing your electricity, gas, and water bills since the requirement requires less energy.
  • Fewer failures – machines that fail less often and higher-quality and better for the longevity of a business. Unanticipated breakdowns can cause an extreme loss of customers, reliance, and capital in your restaurant, so purchasing high-end products, like ones from Goliath, are necessary for your business’ reputation. 
  • Consistent service – When your machines are working properly, you can maintain a high level of food production and food service rates leading to consistent service and customer experiences.


When searching for the best professional cooking and catering equipment, ensure you choose from a reputable company, such as Golyath. Buying professional equipment requires a proper cleaning and maintenance routine to ensure every machine and appliance is working properly. By keeping your professional equipment in good condition, you can prevent failures, increase your reputation, and improve customer experience. We recommend purchasing a stove, oven, and refrigerator to get started in your new restaurant business!

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