The Round Sunglasses Inspo You Need

Round glasses immediately take us back to the Harry Potter era, but we’re here to make it fashion! Everyone hopped on the Potter bandwagon because nerdy became the name of the game. Round sunglasses were quick to emerge from this trend, and it never knew any end. One of the reasons behind it is the addition of so much personality to the most monotonous of outfits.

Even though a pair of round sunglasses can amp up any piece of clothing, but it can still be a task to pick which ones to wear with what. But we got your back; here are some round sunglasses inspo you surely won’t find on Pinterest.

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The Bond’s Brown

Black Round Fastrack Men Sunglasses

This eclectic mix of brown and sunset orange is sure to give some James Bond kinda vibe to your fit. This style can be paired up with a power suit while you’re on your way to crack a business deal, or you can add a vintage touch to your casual outfit on a day out with friends; this UV protected frame will get you feeling like you’re in vinyl record shop jamming to The Beatles.

Low-Key Blue

Black Round Titan Men Sunglasses

Pop colours are not for everybody, but we don’t want you complaining, so here’s the perfect pair. It’s not the blue that blinds you nor the one that’s barely there; this black-rimmed sunglass has just the right amount of colour and a greyish undertone to keep you up with the trend while remaining subtle about it all. This one works wonder with colours, whether it’s a bright pink you want to tone down or any shade of blue you want to compliment. So take your introvert heart and make it into art with this low-key blue frame.

Coachella Pink

Black Red Round Fastrack Women Sunglasses

If you’ve been keeping up with stalking Kendall Jenner’s or Gigi Hadid’s Coachella looks over the years, you know this one’s a fan favourite. Bright pink and purple hues and with an unusual built, this frame is the one for you. It’s a go-to choice if you’re wearing denim shorts with a crop top, but no one’s stopping you from adding this pop, even with a formal outfit. So no matter how bright the sun is, you can beat the heat with ease in these 100% UV protected frames.

   The Power Glass

Black Round Fastrack Men Sunglasses

There’s something about a wired frame that instantly adds power to your look. So hop into your favourite monochrome look or even prints, and watch this frame transport you into another dimension. This sleek frame can get you looking like you’re in a movie scene of Top Gun, cruising in the helicopter with Tom Cruise when you’re headed to the same old office meeting. But a little escapism never hurt anyone.

60s Hollywood

Gold Round Burberry Men Sunglasses

This one is for all the 60s Hollywood-fashion fans! With Sharon Tate coming up with a new glass trend every day, this delicate gold-brown frame takes us back to the golden era of movies with high-speed cars racing and silk scarfs flying. This frame is guaranteed to add class to even a casual pair of denim. And the best part is you can wear it all day with the soft nose pads giving you comfort and the lightweight frame making it effortless wear.

Now that you’ve gone through our list of the most happening round sunglasses, you need to know where to find them. Visit reputable retailers’ websites like Titan Eyeplus and browse through hundreds of fashionable options from the comfort of your couch. So, get yourself some vintage loving with these retro round sunglasses.

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