The Right Way to Care for Your Forever One Moissanite

Moissanite rings are the second hardest gemstone to be found on earth. They are extremely durable and resistant to scratch; this makes them perfect for everyday wear as your engagement ring stone. It is second only to diamonds. However, just as most brides, you too may absolutely adore and love your moissanite jewellery from Canada that you may have purchased as an engagement ring. And you would love to wear it every waking minute looking The very best. However, Moissanite jewellery is not entirely indestructible, and they do need frequent care throughout their lifetime to ensure that they are as sparkly as the day they were bought.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by brides regarding care tips for taking care of there for everyone with a moissanite ring.

  • Can you wear your forever one moissanite engagement ring in the shower?

Yes, you can most definitely wear your moissanite engagement ring in the shower. Water itself will not harm your voice and its tone. However, repeated exposure to other elements in the shower such as soap, shampoo, conditioner could build up oils on the surface of your ring, which could give the stone a filmy appearance and dull down the sparkle. In light of this, while showering or bathing, it would be a great idea to keep aside your moissanite ring. 

  • Should one take off the moissanite engagement ring while sanitizing the hands?

This is a very legitimate question that many brides have asked. Hand sanitizers tend to contain extremely harsh chemicals that could harm your rings’ precious metal over a period of time on repeated exposure. Given that the situation today with COVID-19 is prevalent, there could be prolonged exposure to your moissanite from Toronto, Therefore avoiding this situation is essential. Simply remove your finger while sanitizing your hands and then put it back on after the hands have dried completely.

  • Is it okay to wear your ring in the pool?

It is highly recommended that one remove their moissanite rings while getting into the pool. Although the ring is safe to be worn in water, the harmful levels of chlorine in the water in your pool could add grime to the surface of your gemstone, thereby blocking light from entering the store, which restricts its sparkling element.

Although the chlorine in the water does not directly damage the stone, it will harm the metal on the ring. 

  • Can you wear your forever one moissanite ring to bed?

The answer to this question is based on one’s personal preference. However, if you would like to be extra safe with your ring, then you may want to remove the ring before going to bed. Even though it is not necessary to do, so there could be a slight chance of the ring snagging your sheets, hair or clothing while sleeping thereby, loosening the stone during your sleep. 

These are some of the frequently asked questions asked by brides who own engagement rings made of moissanite jewelry in Canada. 

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