The process of becoming an Instagram Influencer

Gone are the days when Instagram was a platform to share pictures and network. With the growing platform, Instagram has become a powerful medium to engage and interact. No wonder brands have realized that Instagram is a great medium for digital marketing. 

The trend is called “Influencers.”

These influencers are none other than people or individuals who create unique profiles on Instagram offering interesting and engaging content. The profiles range from fitness to spirituality, fun games, organic farming and more. The list of what kind of profile is endless. Though there is a lot of demand for Instagram influencers, there is equal competition for the same. In other words, if you are a newbie planning to venture into turning an influencer, no matter what you choose as your niche, you will find competitors. 

Therefore, here are some points that you must know before you decide to become an Instagram influencer:

  1. Pursue it only if you are serious about it. In other words, if you are looking at Instagram has a hobby and post whenever you wish to, then it is tough to become an influencer. Turning an influencer is a serious business. 
  2. You need to be creative and technically sound. In other words, you need to be creative in showcasing your content and at the same time must know the algorithms of Instagram. 
  3. Lastly, remember that the journey to become an Influencer is not overnight but long term. Unless and until you are committed to give that much time and effort, don’t sign up for becoming an influencer.

Once you understand the above points and agree with the same, you are ready to start the journey. So, here is the process of becoming influencer:

Step 1: Define your digital persona. You may have many talents and skills. However, you can’t have all of them. Therefore, choose what of you, you wish to pick and showcase as your persona. For example: if you travel a lot, create a handle that speaks of travel. If you are a foodie, focus on sharing food stories. 

Step 2: As mentioned above, every category of skill has competition, once you define your persona, you must define your presentation. In other words, decide how you wish to convey your persona. Point to remember, when on insta, choose reels over posts. Don’t bother about your camera skills, focus on keeping it clear, audible and steady. 

Step 3: Have a content plan. Considering that becoming an influencer is a long term plan, having a content plan and calendar will help you to get used to the life you are aiming at. Remember that, on Instagram, you need to be consistent while posting. The only way to balance quantity and quality is to have a content plan in place.

Step 4: Take time to engage with your followers. The entire above mentioned process will be successful only when you have more followers. So, take time to build your followers. You can choose for buying followers by taking services of an agency like to buy authentic and real followers.

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Last modified: September 3, 2021

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