The Perfect Product Photography Strategy by Kenji ROI

Many people believe that all you need to succeed in retail is a good product. This is only one part of the puzzle, though. The other key ingredient is excellent product photography. If you’ve ever browsed Amazon, then you have seen incredible product photography. The images are crisp and clear, showcasing all the features of a particular item with ease. But how does Amazon get such great shots? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at Amazon Product photography – Kenji ROI, what it takes to take beautiful photos like those found on their website and what it can do for your business!

Kenji ROI

The photographer named Kenji ROI photographing products for over ten years. Before getting into the photography industry, he was a graphic designer.

Kenji ROI goes through many different products to capture their essence and features to display them on Amazon. The photographer is not afraid of hard work or odd angles because they often help him get an interesting shot! He doesn’t use any props when photographing items either – Kenji ROI only uses natural light, which can be challenging but ultimately creates a more organic image that buyers love.

The camera equipment used for these shots is fundamental: Canon 50mm lens with + 20 macro extension tube, Canon 24-70 mm lens and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Classic (and occasionally Capture One Pro).

How to capture great product photos

Taking a great photo of an object can be more complicated than you might think. Lighting, the background and even your camera itself play critical roles in capturing a fantastic image. Amazon does quite well with these shots, but this doesn’t mean you can take crappy pictures and expect to do as well! Product photography requires both practice and patience. The more time you spend practicing, the more you will yield better results down the line, too; it’s not something where once you’re good, everything else is “easy”.

– Keep it simple – the more photogenic your products are, the better! Focus on showcasing their best features.

– Make sure that all-important information is visible and easy to read from a distance. If you have text on your photo, don’t forget to make it readable for those viewing them at different distances.

-Use backdrops with neutral colours so they do not distract from the photo’s main subject. Avoid using backgrounds that contrast too much or draw focus away from what matters most in your picture (the product!). Black voids can quickly become overpowering if misused; this is why many photographers prefer grey as an alternative option!

What makes for incredible products?

We’ve talked about what goes into making beautiful images already, now let’s talk about why those things matter so much when shooting products like books or clothes on a hanger. When photographing products, the main goal is to showcase their features and benefits. You want people looking at your photos of a new perfume or lipstick to have an idea of what they’re going to get before making that purchase!

– The focus needs to be on just one aspect (the product) for viewers not only to see it but also understand why it’s worth buying. This can mean highlighting colours and shapes within the object and showing off its size relative to other things around it, like hands or a handbag.

– Images should stand out from each other so that customers browsing through your page don’t become distracted by too many similar images all at once.

– A diverse range of perspectives will make viewing your content more enjoyable.

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