The Most Stunning Matching Jewelry for Couples

As a couple, you want to have something that can set you apart from the other couples out there. The best way you can do that is by getting pieces of matching jewelry as a couple. These can range from chains to rings, among other jewelry pieces.

If you are looking to be stunning, the choices dwindle a bit. Only a few jewelry pieces can give that effect and still have you and your partner match while looking great on you. Here are some of the most stunning matching jewelry for couples that you can look to get.

Two Hales of A Whole Pendant

The first and apparent option can look at getting is this one. When looking at getting these pendants, you need to get the proper chain to pair them with. 14k gold rope chains can work well for either one of you as they are pretty unisex.

The good thing about these pendants is that you can get them in various shapes and sizes. One of the favorites for plenty of couples has got to be the heart-shaped one. Each of you gets to keep one piece of your heart. You can even have your partners’ names engraved on your end and yours on their end.

Another thing that makes this idea quite exceptional is that one side will never be whole without the other. This is a clear message of you and your partner needing each other to be whole. It’s much bigger than simply sending out a fashion statement.

Interlocking Rings

Another great idea to show that you are better off together than apart is the interlocking rings. The rings work better as a pair; when someone sees one, it will be apparent that a piece is missing from the get-go.

When these rings interlock, it creates a better picture than they do when they are separate. Some of the rings in this mold tend to look complete at first glance; only after a second look can you see the accurate picture. It will give a different design when you see it as a pair.

If you and your partner aren’t show-offs but still want to have jewelry that holds meaning, this is what to go for. They will bring that wow factor when someone sees you together. They are also discreet in the sense that they don’t scream at first sight.

Matching Bracelets

If you are looking at a more discreet feature when choosing the right jewelry for you and your better half, this is it. There are several bracelet ideas that you can go for, but you need to keep it classy. You will need to get something you both can wear on every occasion.

You have a wide array of style and material options for bracelets; that’s why they are many couples’ favorite. If you go for the metal ones, you need to go for the plain ones – you can add a few styles. You can also opt for the beaded ones.

Either one of the choices you make should be something special to your better half. Another aspect that makes bracelets favorable is that they can easily match with anything, including other jewelry. If you don’t pick up the extravagant one, you will have an easy time with bracelets.

Lock and Key Charms

The next romantic type of jewelry that is stunning to match as a couple has got to be the lock and key charms. You can have them hanging on your white gold rope chain to make it pop. It is also something that can be kept discreet and only shared with your partner.

It will feel a little bit special when only the two of you know the real meaning of the jewelry you are matching. And they also don’t have to be in the shape of a key and lock. You can also have them as different animals or a heart shape.

It acts as a romantic symbol when you have the heart, and your partner has the key. It can easily translate to the key of your heart. It will undoubtedly act more than just a piece of jewelry but a constant reminder of your better half.

Exchanged Necklaces

You and your partner can also go all out plain by having matching chains – only the two of you will know the real meaning of the chains. For example, who will think that the 14k gold rope chains you and your partner always have a deeper meaning? 

You can take your partner’s necklace, and they can have yours. You don’t even need to have any pendants on them. But you can have pendants on with different engraving. You can have their name on your chain and yours be on their chain.

This will be a clear indication that you belong to your partner. The same will apply to them. With chains, you can always add other jewelry like rings to the chain. The chain will also act as a constant reminder of what you and your partner share.

Personalized Engraving

Personal engraving had to come in last as you can add engravings on all the above jewelry options. One of the best places to have engraving is inside your wedding rings. You can also have them on bracelets and pendants too.

You need to ensure that the message you will put up is short enough – the space on a piece of jewelry can’t be enough to express how you feel. One of the popular messages you can have there is your anniversary. This should be a special day for both you and your partner.

Of all the jewelry you can engrave, your wedding bands have got to be the most special ones. This can be the most symbolic and romantic gesture that you and your partner can share.


As a couple getting the right matching jewelry may be a challenge – more than you may anticipate. Most of the ideas you have are probably in use in every corner. You want something different to stand out. Here are some of the options that you need to look at for matching couples’ jewelry.

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Last modified: October 13, 2021

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