The Most Meaningful Support You Can Provide a Significant Other

Social connections are essential to physical, mental, and spiritual health. Humans are hardwired to seek out and nurture interpersonal relationships as social creatures. Relationships with other people are integral to feeling fulfilled and happy. Friends, family, and significant others are there to help through the good times and the bad.

Many Americans are married or committed to long-term partnerships. According to research, approximately 68 percent  of married couples or long-term partners say they have been together for more than five years. Interestingly, 38 percent of married couples or long-term partners met at work or school, and 34 percent found their partners through friends or family. 

Your love and support can do wonders for your partner’s sense of self-worth and value. However, to be a supportive partner, you must be there for your partner through thick and thin. Here are some ideas that can help you be a more supportive partner.

Be a Listener 

Effective communication relies heavily on attentive listening. You can get your partner to open up and be more honest if you’re a good listener. However, according to studies, the average listener can only retain roughly 25 percent of what they hear.

So, if you want to hone your listening skills, you should practice active listening. When you actively listen, you pay attention to what your partner is saying rather than thinking about anything else. Avoid interrupting your partner. Do your best to make the other person feel like they’re the only person in the world.

Make an effort to pay close focus and interest. Avoid looking distracted by your phone or computer and instead focus on the person talking to you. A simple nod or reassuring gesture can go a long way. It will help your partner feel like their feelings and perspectives are being heard and valued. 

Relationships benefit from attentive listening. Opening yourself to one another can strengthen your relationships and increase your communication ability. You can help to enhance your communication by sharing intimacy. An act of intimacy can be as simple as bringing your partner a glass of water when you see they are exhausted from work.

Be Rational

Happier relationships are ones in which both partners make decisions that are deliberate, rational, and based on facts rather than emotions. This is because it is easier to respond to logically formed judgments than impulsive ones.

True love is based on knowing the other person well, not romantic ideas or false assumptions. In other words, people in relationships must be rational. Taking a rational approach means keeping your eyes out for signs that your partner is experiencing difficulty and being prepared to offer assistance.

Always be on the lookout for signs of distress in your partner, as it could be a simple case of a bad day or an indication of something more serious. For example, you should get professional assistance if your significant other has a severe benzodiazepine addiction problem. Bring your partner to a benzodiazepine treatment center in Boston to seek professional guidance.

Provide Space

Taking breaks from one another is great for your health and relationship. It promotes each partner’s independence while still nurturing the relationship. It is essential to understand when to give your partner space. A good starting point is asking your companion if they’d rather have companionship or some alone time.

If your partner says they need space, it’s tempting to assume you’ve done something wrong, but the fact is that a little bit of space is suitable for a relationship. Remember that your family and friends are just as essential as your partner. You can spend quality time with friends and family and deepen your connection while giving space to your partner.

Check-In Regularly 

When one or both partners feel distant, it’s essential to check in to reevaluate the relationship and work on strengthening the connection. Setting aside time each week to focus on your relationship is necessary despite your commitments. Set aside 15 to 30 minutes a day to focus on your relationship. 

Having check-ins on the weekend or before bedtime is ideal because there is no need to rush. Make sure you take turns talking and listening when checking in with your partner. Listen without offering any input, as your companion may become defensive if you interrupt them or offer answers to their problems.

Mutual Respect is Important

Relationships can flourish when both partners provide meaningful support for one another. People are more likely to succeed when their close relationships are supportive, whether with friends, parents, siblings, or a spouse. Mutual respect and love are the foundation of any strong relationship. 

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Last modified: November 23, 2022

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