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The Importance Of Detox During Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Records tell us that alcohol has been used throughout recorded history as a part of everyday life. It’s been used for thousands of years in religious ceremonies as well as for nutritional, therapeutic, antiseptic, and painkilling purposes and as a way to relax. The role of wine to enhance the taste of food, of beer to quench thirst, and of distilled spirits to provide pharmacological pleasure and of alcohol in all forms as a social lubricant is well known.

People who are tired of trying to beat back the demons of alcohol addiction can now find help for their substance abuse problems.  There are treatment centers that are available for addicts who have hit rock bottom and are finally crying out for help.  They may have lost their family and friends because of their addiction to alcohol, but it is never too late for them to seek help. 

The philosophy in many of the treatment centers is to treat not only the addiction but also what the underlying causes are for the addiction behavior.  Some of the programs include all aspects of care by providing individualized treatment plans to help the individual in their recovery and healing process.  The rehab centers recognize and provide a dual diagnosis for each patient in need of this type of treatment plan.  Not only are they healing the body, but also the mind.  They have caring and compassionate therapists and doctors for alcohol and alcohol addiction.

At alcohol detox clinics, patienst can have safe and medically supervised detox periods that will make them as comfortable as possible while they make it through this difficult time.  They also provide the emotional and physical support that is needed to help each addict relearn daily life skills and work on the emotional turmoil of most alcoholics.

For patients who are severely addicted to opiates, tranquilizers, or street drugs such as heroin, some drug rehab clinics provide the vital help that is needed during the detox phase of a treatment plan.  The highly trained and skilled staff is licensed and certified to use the prescription medication suboxone to bring addicts safely down off the drugs that hold them hostage to their addiction.

Most of the alcohol detox treatment facilities provide one-on-one counseling, group therapy, 12-step programs, and dual diagnosis therapy as their complete the whole body treatment to breaking the addictions to prescription pain medications, alcohol, and other drugs.  Most rehab facilities have 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day inpatient treatment programs.  The recovery process is a systematic plan that helps the person stay clean and sober while stopping dependency on alcohol.  Once the inpatient program is complete, there are outpatient plans that help the addict in their daily life with family and friends while maintaining their sobriety.  Substance abuse never needs to be a crutch again. 

The alcohol detox and recovery centers have a very successful rehab rate, and they provide the tools necessary for the reformed addict to begin their journey to a clean and sober life while enjoying their sobriety one day at a time and free of all those demons that once chased them night and day.

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Last modified: October 27, 2021

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