The Common Types of Gold Used in Jewelry

Did you know that different types of gold are used in jewelry?

Gold is one of the most popular materials in jewelry. It can be amalgamated with other metals to create distinct styles of jewelry.

These different gold styles each have their own characteristics and unique charms. Read this article to learn more about the common types of gold used in jewelry.

A Bit About Gold

As you might know, gold is a chemical element whose symbol is Au. This metal is easily shaped and resistant to air and water.

The combination of being strong but impressionable makes it popular when it comes to jewelry. In its natural form, gold is yellow, which distinguishes it from other precious metals.

Different Types of Gold

Like with diamonds, karats are used to measure gold. However, gold karats aren’t the same as diamond carats.

Gold in its pure state measures at 24 karats. But since this purest form is very soft, it can’t be used in jewelry. The types of gold found in jewelry are 18, 14, or 10 karats.

These numbers mean that they’re not pure gold, but are combined with other metals such as silver, zinc, copper, or nickel. These other metals give gold sturdiness to create durable jewelry pieces.

These different gold alloys give various colors, among which the most popular are white, rose, and yellow.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is closest to the natural color of gold. To keep the yellow color, this type of gold is mixed with copper and silver with a green tint.

These alloys give yellow gold durability and strength. Yellow gold is bright and offers a deep shade of yellow. It actually comes in a range of hues depending on the proportions of the different metals.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a beautiful alternative to what we typically think of as gold. In rose gold, gold is mixed with a copper alloy. The majority of rose gold alloys are either 14k or 18k.

This reddish metal gives it its dazzling pink hue. Learn more about rose gold’s wonderful properties from

White Gold

White gold is another popular type of gold, especially for engagement rings. White gold combines pure gold with silver and nickel, as well as a material called rhodium to coat it.

White gold displays the elegant beauty of silver while conserving the prestige of gold.

Green Gold

Green gold is more of a mix between green and yellow. This alloy is made from gold and silver. The higher the silver content, the stronger the green hue is.

Green gold occurs naturally and is called electrum. Since it isn’t as popular as the other colors, it tends to be harder to find.

The Common Types of Gold

The different types of gold offer unique colors and styles. Gold is measured in karats which indicate the purity of the alloy.

Gold is combined with various metals such as silver, nickel, and copper, to create different results. Yellow, rose, and white gold alloys are the most popular variants. Other types such as green gold exist but tend to be rarer.

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