The Best 5 Accessories for your Phone

Your phone stays by your side all the time, and even when you sleep, it is most likely charging safely right by your bed. The improving technology behind the smartphones made it not only a device we use for communication, but it also became our music player, helpful hand navigation when traveling around. It also helps to learn with all those podcasts, audiobooks, and apps, oh and of course, your phone becomes our own little cinema when watching movies and TV shows whenever we feel like it. 

Therefore, your phone deserves some additional accessories that will help to protect, improve, and make it better looking! Here we will introduce 5 accessories that we believe to be a must for your beloved phone!

Stash7 Waterpocket 

Going to the beach with your brand-new phone might be nerve-wracking. However, by investing in a good quality waterproof pouch for your phone, you may leave your worries back at home and enjoy all the fun activities out there. This particular stash has a crystal clear and touch-sensitive screen, so you will be able to text like a boss, you know, even to your boss – you might just be working from home or beach, no one will ever see the difference!

Burga Phone Case

As your phone stays in your hands all the time, it is time to make it your best accessory. Burga has over 100 fashionable designs that will turn your phone into one worth to be seen on a runaway. Their tough version has double-layer protection that does not require choosing between protection and style, as the shock-proof protection comes with designer-quality prints. The inner silicone layer will give that shock-proof protection when the phone slips out your hands unexpectedly.

Nomad Kevlar Universal Cable

Those cables that your phone comes with are all fun and games till they wear off in just a couple of months, as they are not made to last. However, the Nomad Kevlar cables are built to outlast your device, and with the universal cable, you will always be able to lend a helping hand to both Android and Apple fans in your friend group. Also, if you choose the 3-meter cable, you will always find a comfortable place to charge your phone – no more struggling to bring your phone to your bed when a socket is far away.

Ainope Gravity Phone Holder

As your phone can be your music player, navigation and efficiently work in hands-free mode in your car, a good phone holder is a must. Ainope Gravity phone holder works with displays from 4 to 6.7 inches wide, even when the phone is in a thick and protective phone case. It easily clamps your phone all-around when you slide it in the holder. The improved grip will never fail when driving through all those bumpy roads, and the holder allows you to quickly charge your phone while also not blocking the audio port. 

HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer

You can easily fill your physical album with all those memories with a portable photo printer when on the road. You will always know how the picture will come out, and the quality of the photography supersedes those instant cameras. No more closed eyes, blurred images. All that quality and editing possibilities are already available on your phone. With HP Sprocket portable printer, you will be able to open your own picture lab in the back of your car, in your tent, or wherever you are. You can also print multiple pictures and share them with your friends. Add a personal note and make those memories last.

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Last modified: September 17, 2021

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