The Average Computer Lifespan: When It’s Time for a Replacement

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How long your laptop lasts mostly depends on how you use it. However, on average, computer lifespan is between three and five years.

In most cases, people will replace computers, not because they stopped working but because they feel they’re not working as they would want. But even if you’re not willing to upgrade to a new PC, you know it won’t last forever. At some point, laptop replacement will be inevitable.

Now the question is, “How do you tell when it’s the right time to buy another laptop?” Below we answer this question.

If You Experience Hardware Compatibility Issues

Your computer’s performance decreases with time. If your computer has become too slow, upgrading the hardware is a prudent decision to boost its performance.

It’s common for users to boost computer power by upgrading RAM and switching to SSD. However, when you need to replace your CPU or motherboard, you’re likely to encounter compatibility issues.

If the components you bought are not compatible with your computer, you can’t keep on buying new ones. The computer repair cost will be too high, and it won’t make financial sense.

At that point, accept the lifespan of your computer is over and you need to buy a new one.

If You’re Making Expensive Hardware Repairs

So the touchpad stopped working? Easy problem to fix. Just buy a mouse; no need to buy a new PC.

Some fixes won’t take a lot of time and money. However, some repairs may cost as much as the price of a new computer.

If you own a Microsoft Surface, you understand it’s prone to numerous computer problems. The Surface repair can be a frustrating experience if you don’t know a reliable repair company.

If that’s the case, why prolong the inevitable. Replace the computer to stop the recurring expenses.

If OS Is Outdated

Computer updates no longer come after several years. Today’s operating systems are receiving frequent updates to fix some bugs or introduce new functionalities.

Each update puts more pressure on your computer’s hardware. The minimum specifications keep on going up. Sooner or later, your old PC will be unable to handle these updates.

At that point, upgrading to a computer that meets minimum specifications is bound to happen if you value your online security.

Remember, using an outdated OS is one of the easiest ways to become a target of hackers.

If Incompatible With New Devices

Gone are the days when we could use a computer as a standalone device. Today, there are many gadgets you want to connect with your computer.

Can it connect with your new 4K TV, Bluetooth speakers, or the latest version of your router?

If it cannot connect to anything, it’s time to upgrade.

If It Can’t Multitask

If you cannot run two or more applications concurrently, it is time to replace your computer. Same case when you can’t switch tabs on your browser quickly.

These problems are signs of your computer reaching the end of its useful life.

You can’t be stuck with a slow computer at this age. You’ll need a robust machine to run your tasks smoothly.

Is Your Computer Lifespan Over?

Has your computer shown some of these signs? That could be the clearest indicator that you should set aside a budget for computer replacement.

The computer lifespan doesn’t have to end when it can no longer start. Depending on how you use your computer, the lifespan can be short or long. Use the above pointers to decide.

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