The Advantages Of Using A Slatwall Displays For Merchandising

If you are a business person and a shop owner then you would know the importance of making your shop presentable. If you need to catch more customer eyes then your shop needs to be welcoming and attractive. Using the right decor or fittings in your shop is essential to achieve the goal of attracting more customers. That is where slatwalls come in.

If the interior of your store is not set accordingly, it will be difficult to gain customers. The ability to transform your shop with displays of merchandise is to be done in the most convenient way. Slatwall panels and accessories will help you achieve this goal. Once you have customers flowing into your shop, half of the win is gained there itself. But what are slatwalls exactly? And how do they benefit you? Let us elaborate for you!

What Is Slatwall?

Slatwalls are nothing but building materials or fittings used to add extra definition and support to the walls. They are usually used by shop owners to display their merchandise on the wall with the help of these convenient extra fittings. They have panels to add in more space for the store items, which are usually made of MDF or medium-density fibreboard. 

These heavy-duty slatwall panels have dentures for horizontal inserts or grooves arranged at even intervals. These grooves or inserts will be fitted with aluminium or plastic sleeves which adds extra required strength for the panels to manage the weight of the products. They are also designed in a way that makes it easy to change the display in just a few minutes. 

If you are wondering why slatwall displays are the most popular among stores for shop fittings, there are factors like durability, customisation, versatility, affordability, and user friendly. With all these factors in place, these fittings have found their way in the market and taken their place. 

Varied Accessories That Can Be Showcased

When it comes to shop fittings, they do not only include slatwall panels but other fixtures too. Slatwalls are known to be flexible and easy to use but it’s the accessories that bring out its total potentiality. There are slatwall accessories that you can find from shopfitting stores which usually includes the following;

Peg Hooks

These have a lower weight capacity compared to other attachments and are used for lightweight and packaged items. These items can include chocolate, candy, jewelry, etc. Their length is available in different sizes varying from 4 inches to 12 inches.

Straight Faceouts

This particular attachment is best for displaying products of the same or similar category but varying in colour or size. They are also available in different sizes as per your preference. 


As the name suggests, they are easy to display items for a better view and no obstructions. It has the strength to hold heavier products like coats, jackets, or denim. Therefore, it is best suited to be used for displaying clothes. 

Frame Hooks

These are most appropriate for hanging pictures, banners, plaques, or any individual items. Because photographs can also be hung on these hooks, they are often used in photo studios and galleries. 


Slatwall shelving, or as it’s alternatively known as, gondola shelving can be used both with wall panels or as free-standing fixtures to display products. It comes with a curved or flat lip and is available in different sizes and materials.

Perfectly Fits The Aesthetic Of The Store

You do not have to worry about whether slatwall fittings will blend well with your store aesthetic because blending with your store is what they are good for, irrespective of your theme. These shop fittings are used to highlight and showcase the products of your shop, so they definitely are not anything that is distracting. 

In fact, the number of options you have for which you can accessorise with them, there is plenty you can do for your store to really pop up. As they are easy to operate, they are easy to customise according to your store decor. Slatwalls will help you maintain the decorum of the store and have a unique store style of yours. This is exactly what will gain more customers into your store. 

Beauty Of The Slatwall Panels

As we have already mentioned, slatwall panels are one of the available options for fixtures but there is something that sets it apart from the rest. Although they might take a little bit more hard work and labor to install them onto the walls, they also benefit you in many ways. They work amazingly if you wish to have a lot freer space in the store or you own a small space store. 

They shall not be above or below eye level which will make shopping and surfing an easier process. They also help in completely highlighting the product given that a good wall background is used. These are also available in different sizes, thereby making it easy for shop owners to arrange them according to their wishes. 

Wall panels are always a better option than free-standing fixtures, as they take way less space comparatively, and also that they are more permanent than the free-standing ones. This will incredibly help small business owners with small adorable shops stepping out to survive the show. It is best if a professional would handle all the fixing of these accessories for the store.

Some of the other useful slatwall accessories are as follows; slatwall clips, easel, pegs, and bar mounts. All these options help you showcase your products in the best way possible. The display solution to your store has a lot of flexibility and durability, which is most wanted by shop owners. 

You are now well introduced to every way slatwalls fittings can benefit you, so your next move should probably be to find the right company to look for your slatwalls. They need to be of excellent quality and worth your money, therefore settle for nothing less than the best. You are not to be disappointed in this matter, you know what you need, just choose the right and most reliable one! 

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