The 4 most popular massages in 2021

It must be said that over recent years, massage therapy has really exploded onto the scene in the western world, and this is mainly due to people having more confidence in the health and physical benefits that regular massage can provide for the user. In this article we look at some of the most popular types of massage that we can see in 2021:

  1. Swedish Massage – One of the best known in the massage scene at least in the UK is Swedish Massage. It has a wide variety of different uses from sports injuries through to just your general relaxation. It’s a therapy that really honest in on soft tissue massage and can often be quite soft in nature when compared with some of the other massages. It’s said to really induce a nice calming effect on the body and mind and is perhaps the therapy that is offered most in the UK.
  2. Thai Massage – As with many popular massages, Thai Massage is one of the most popular from the South East Asian region. In a similar way to others in Asia, the focus is on energy flow through the body. It is believed that energy blockages within the body can cause illness and disease.  Keeping this energy flowing through the body promotes harmony in body and mind. It can also be quite a strenuous activity when compared with other therapies. Some would even say that it’s actually quite similar to Yoga, depending on who carries out the therapy. There is certainly a lot of stretching involved, and in many cases the masseur or masseuse will actually walk over your back whilst holding onto a pole to take some of their weight.
  3. Shiatsu – Another therapy from South east Asia that ahs proved popular is Shiatsu. Hailing form Japan, this massage relies from on finger pressure, and can be carried out when the receiver is fully clothed. This therapy was first conceived in the early 1900’s and is growing in popularity in the West. This therapy is used to treat a large range of different musco-skeletal issues and can be used for general stress and tension too.
  4. Sensual Massage – Another favorite at least in the UK is sensual massage. This as the name suggests can be quite an erotic and exciting form of massage. It consists of all the same things as your Swedish Massage, but as the massage develops it does become more sensual in nature. His can be very good for those that need a bit of excitement and pleasure, as well as getting a thoroughly good massage at the same time.

Whichever massage you feel is right for you in 2021, we have touched on four of what we feel are the most popular therapies around today! For more on this and other massage therapies there are literally thousands of great resources one an find online to find out more.

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