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Digital revolution is always just around the corner as companies continue to innovate and push change, whether it be something like paving the way for new displays on our mobile devices as folding screens look to become a more common fixture, or even just pushing the bar on what we already have with storage options becoming bigger and faster than ever which opens up new possibilities within itself – the tech space is always exciting. But what are some of the big tech trends to keep an eye on over the next decade, and which could offer the most change?

Blockchain still appears to be the way forward – First coming into notice with the big cryptocurrency boom and something that’s still very much relevant now as crypto options like these bitcoin casinos continue to grow in popularity and the markets like NFT’s early in 2021 have shown that blockchain being at the centre of it all is a space that’s rapidly changing. It does have some adversity to overcome, most notably in the growing environmental concerns that have come with different blockchain based tech, but as something still relatively new these teething issues were almost inevitable. The coming years will certainly be instrumental for blockchain to not only evolve but show the true capabilities and will be an exciting trend to keep an eye on. 

Extended reality is still capturing the minds of many – Augmented and virtual reality have been a huge project piece for tech giants for over a decade now, but each time something new comes it reignites passions for the possibilities. With pushes forward in recent years to bring fully fledged wireless virtual reality options, things are certainly moving forward with applications developing in many different industries including things like medical use and will be something that continues to grow in demand as it grows too. Augmented reality has been seeing more use on mobile too in particular, and whilst uses are still relatively niche it’s certainly something that’s looking to find growth and success of its own. Cybersecurity is becoming more prevalent too – Advertising options to increase your own online security with things like VPN’s and password managers isn’t something new and has been around for a while but largely only those in the know took advantage of, but with ransomware attacks recently and a big push to see more individuals take more care in their own online security, it’s a space changing very quickly. Security methods will only become more sophisticated over time particularly as attacks become more sophisticated too, and more publicity will only make cybersecurity become that much more important – this is a space that will certainly continue seeing change, and a tech trend that’s only becoming more visible over time too.

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Last modified: August 3, 2021

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