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Why Should You Update Your Mobile Apps Regularly?

Updates are necessary for keeping your app up to date and adding new features that boost user engagement. Data reveals that apps must be updated frequently. Apps that receive regular updates are better able to adapt to user requests. 

If consumers have often reported difficulties, a quick update to address such concerns will prevent disappointed users. Updated applications often resolve all problems, both security and non-security-related, making them less likely to crash. This gives app developers a substantial edge in terms of stability, as these apps seldom have technological flaws.

What about Other Digital Devices?

Like smartphones, other gadgets like Tablets, Laptops, and Computers also need to be updated to their latest versions. But there are times when you try to access an older software or application. 

When you get an error message that says, the component ‘MSCOMCTL.OCX’ or one of its dependents was not correctly registered: a file was missing or was invalid. This issue occurs because of MSCOMCTL.OCX is an ActiveX control file/32-bit control and is part of an out-of-date version of Visual Basic 6.0.

Not only that but many applications and programs may still require the MSCOMCTL.OCX file, which is when you may get the MSCOMCTL.OCX error message since The application may be missing the MSCOMCTL.OCX file. As a result, to use this Active X/32-bit control, it must be installed or registered with your existing Windows operating system.

Where can you Download MSCOMCTL.OCX?

You can update all your apps and download mscomctl.ocx at Tech City Trend. Tech City Trend keeps you informed about the latest applications, gadgets, and PCs. They supply you with accurate information on all of your needs. is probably the best website to visit if you want to learn about the latest digital gadgets and technology on the planet. Tech City Trend provides the latest news and info about the newest technological trends, allowing you to be constantly updated and always in the know.

How to Download and Register MSCOMCTL.OCX?

Downloading and registering MSCOMCTL.OCX to System32 would be an easy remedy. To mscomctl.ocx download, go to, download the zip file, and navigate to the path in C drive, and copy-paste the MSCOMCTL.OCX file into the box provided. If your PC is 32-bit, copy it and paste it into the box. If it’s 64 bit, copy it there. After then, you must register it. In the Windows 10 search box, type cmd. Now, right-click and select run as administrator. Now, execute the commands based on your PC type. Finally, proceed to open the program again; it should open without any problems.

Tech City Trend will show you a range of app and technology-related tips and tricks. Suppose you have a problem with your computer or any other digital device. In that case, Tech City Trend will offer you the right solutions. Since they have the latest and upcoming app collection, including vital downloadable updates that you may need to open and run your programs. If you can’t solve an issue or are having problems with your smart gadgets, or if you want to read about the newest tech news, go to

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