Sunglasses you should own this season

Having sunglasses complementing your style statement just elevates your confidence! 

But style with no shield is keeping your health at stake. Therefore, we are here to help you pick the ideal sunglasses for men with double benefits. 

The best sunglasses you must own this season –

1. Randolph Aviator

With the matte black metal frames and scratch-resistant polarized lenses, Randolph Aviators are the best military spec for you. Moreover, the 100% UVA/UVB protection, along with high performance, helps you win in your daily battles from dust, sun, etc. You can go with the collared shirt and chinos or solid-coloured clothing with these Randolph Aviators. 

2. Tom Ford Ace

Tom Ford Ace Sunglasses are among the category of best luxury sunglasses due to their bold design along with premium materials used in them. With its light metal composition, you can wear these all day long. These sunglasses are available in various colour shades like yellow, gold, navy blue, etc., so these sunglasses go well with a tailored suit or a plain t-shirt.

3. Yesglasses Sheldon

If you are thinking to buy designer sunglasses online with a simple and classy look, then Yesglasses Sheldon is what you should go for. From transparent to black, these sunglasses have a wide colour range to offer. These are made with the durable quality of plastic material, which makes them light in weight.

4. Ray-Ban 2132 New Wayfarer

 If the durability of sunglasses is what matters to you, then Ray-Ban 2132 New wayfarer is the best choice. You can find almost 19 different colours of Ray-Ban 2132 New wayfarer. These sunglasses suit perfectly with a casual look or with a little style. The high-quality plastic frame and polarised lenses in Ray-Ban 2132 New wayfarer assure you outstanding durability. 

5. Tom Ford Arnaud

If you want to flaunt your premium lifestyle, then these black polarized arnaud are the best. Smart frame shape, classy details, and dark-tinted lenses make it a perfect fit for this season. You can go with the all-black look with these sunglasses to accent your posh appearance.

6. Tomahawk SeaPorts

Made with stainless steel and handmade cellulose acetate, Tomahawk Seaports are lightweight sunglasses that manages to take care of your style statement and polarised lenses. Moreover, you can use these during water activities. So be it on or underwater, Tomahawk Seaports rocks everywhere. 

7. Ray-Ban Double-Bridge

If you want a vibe matching sunglass, go for Ray-Ban Double-Bridge sunglasses without giving a second thought. These durable sunglasses admire dark-tinted lenses with a 100% metal frame, which provides you with a bold look. You can wear these sunglasses with almost anything; they fit in all looks, whether you wear them with plain denim or a tailored suit.

Seasons are full of sunny, rainy, and windy weather, but protection is the only constant. So, while up upgrade your style quotient with these fashionable sunglasses, make sure you do look for the protection features it offers to make the right deal. 

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Last modified: October 30, 2021

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