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Suede Brooks is 20 years old Tik Tok star and Instagram model. 2001 born, Suede Brooks boyfriend name is Andrew Sinclair. There is not much info available about Suede Brooks boyfriend, but he works in commodity investments and pieces of training. Do you know…?? She was in the spotlight from May 2021 when she put an ignorant video about Israel and Palestine dispute on Instagram. That leads to so much hate and a negative movement for her on social media. Later she deleted the video and confessed on various social media platforms that the stuff she posted was false as that she was not enlightened on the matter. Let’s read some more interesting information about her. Are you ready…?? Scroll down…!!!

Let’s check what is on the menu today. We will discuss Suede Brooks boyfriend Andrew Brooks SinclairSuede Brooks age, Suede Brooks height, Suede Brooks net worth, Suede Brooks birthday, and last Jai Brooks brother. Ready to be served. Let’s start…!!!

Let’s give a quick look at Suede Brooks profile. Hopefully, you will find this interesting…!!

Name Suede Brooks
Date of birth February 8th, 2001
Age 20 years 
Country United States
Ethnicity Mixed
Height Approx. 5ft. 5inch
Weight Approx. 50 kg 
Relationship Status Dating
Instagram @suedebrooks
Mother’s Name Lisa Brooks
Father’s Name Steven Brooks
Siblings India Rae BrooksBlaze Brooks

What is Suede Brooks age? Any guesses…?? Let’s find out below.

Suede Brooks is an attractive and popular model on Instagram. She was born on 8th February 2001 and is 20 years old as of now. I mean, really…!! She has gained so much popularity at a small age and doing hard work to achieve more. We can’t compare Suede Brooks age to her success. Right…!!!! Coming to Suede Brooks height, she is 5ft. 5inch/1.65 m/165 cm tall and Suede Brooks weight is approx. 55kg/121 lbs. She always has hypnotized her fans with her bombastic Instagram’s modelling shots. 

Do you know who Andrew Brooks Sinclair is? Hold tight!! You are going to get surprising news…!!

Andrew Brooks Sinclair is the boyfriend of social media star Suede Brooks. Yes, it’s true. According to a video posted by her on YouTube (, she told that “We met in Utah through a mutual friend”, and Andrew Brooks Sinclair makes the first move. 

Not enough information is available about Andrew’s personal life. But currently, he is living in New York and is in the investment and trading business of commodities. Let’s look at his profile.

Name Andrew Sinclair
Age 32
Height Approx. 5ft. 7inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Relationship Status Dating
Instagram No signs

Want to check out about Suede Brooks birthday? How did she celebrate her birthday? Keep scrolling.

Suede Brooks was born in Nevada, United States on 8th February 2001. We all know that she is a Youtuber and posts several blogs about fashion, her trips, various stories, workout, clothing, and yes, about her birthday too. She has made a vlog on her 18th birthday in 2019. She celebrated her birthday in Mondrian hotel, New York. You can check here ( 

No updates are available on Suede Brooks birthday this year because she has posted nothing related to her birthday this year.

What is Suede Brooks Net worth according to 2021? Any idea? Have a look.

At 20 years of age, Suede Brooks has come a long way, being bullied in her school time to a famous Youtuber, Tik Toker, and Instagram model. Suede Brooks Net worth is around $1.2 million. YouTube is the major source of her income as she has gained 344k subscribers on her channel. Suede has promoted many brands in her YouTube videos and Instagram posts. Currently, her profile is growing effectively on Instagram and other social media platforms as well.

She has gained 1.3m followers on Instagram and counting. We observed that if she will continue like this only, i.e., promoting brands on her Ig and YouTube, appearing publicly with popular personalities, etc Suede Brooks Net worth is going to be huge by the end of 2021.


We hope you are feeling fresh after reading the above-given information about Suede Brooks. Suede Brooks is an inspiration to thousands of youngsters as the success she has achieved in this age. She keeps on posting regularly about her daily activities on her social media platforms. We will keep you updating about various other stars. Please stay tuned with us…!!! We will be back with some other fascinating stuff. Please like, share & keep supporting.

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Last modified: July 19, 2021

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