Step-by-Step Guide for Entertaining This Fall

When the seasons change from summer to fall, you may be in the mood to entertain friends and family. With earlier sunsets come cooler temperatures, which means it is time to shift from pool parties to other ways to connect with your guests. These suggestions can help you get your home set up for fabulous autumn get-togethers with a relaxed, comfortable vibe.

Remove The Clutter

No matter what time of year you entertain, you should tackle any clutter before your friends and family come over. Your guests want to have an easy place to set down a plate or glass. If your surfaces have lots of papers or knick-knacks, they may worry about damaging something. Organize your mail, keys, and other clutter so that you can find it easily after you have company visit.

Ease Into the Season

Alfresco dining still works in the fall if you shift your attention to warmth and coziness. For instance, does your outdoor kitchen design Brentwood include a fire pit conversation area? If so, you can stay outside long after sunset with a delicious glass of wine and great company. Include soft throws and pillows to encourage your guests to snuggle down and stay a little longer.

Soften the Environment

Throws and pillows also ramp up the cozy factor inside your home, and they add layers of texture that reflect that fall feel. Consider other options for making your entertaining space warm and inviting, such as lots of candles for ambient lighting and muted neutral shades instead of brighter tropical colors that scream summer. Don’t forget to use dried flowers, plants, or wood for a natural touch.

Use a Gentle Touch

If you follow interior design Manhattan Beach trends, you know that less is more when it comes to seasonal décor. Do not go overboard with scented candles, colorful leaves, or knobby gourds throughout your home. Instead, opt for a subtle scent or just a few small autumn touches here and there. If you have your heart set on pumpkins, opt for elegant white varieties that blend well with the rest of your home’s neutral palette.

Plan Your Menu

If you’ve had enough of summer cookouts, turn your attention to heartier fare that warms your guests from the inside out. Take advantage of fresh, local harvests to create courses that nurture your body and spirit. Incorporate your fall decorations into an elegant tablescape that complements both the food and your autumnal home accents.

Create a New Indoor Entertainment Room

If the cool nights drive your group inside, why not have another way to keep the party going? Los Angeles home cinema designers can show you how easy it is to transform a ho-hum space into a home theater. Use it for an at-home screening of a new blockbuster or as the ideal viewing spot during football season. If you have been on the fence about a home theater, there is no better time than fall to make it happen.

Fall entertaining does not have to be formal or over-the-top; that’s what the holiday season is for. If you keep your gatherings cozy and casual, you may find that a relaxing autumn is just what nature intended. 

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